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Love & Loathe — 05/20/10


* Negotiating money. I really need to gain a new perspective on this, because I seriously dread this part of the process. Maybe because I never feel like I’m worth the price I’m asking, even though I know my experience and history belies that feeling.

* The Renegade Pooper. One of our cats has decided that the litter box is boring, and would rather put a pile of poop alongside my car in the garage. I’ve learned to look before I step, and I would really like to know who the flagrant violator is, but he doesn’t do it consistently, just… you know, when the urge strikes.

* Now that I’m back swimming, so is the chlorine rash. Ugh.


* When the heater kicks on in the pool while I’m swimming. Doesn’t matter what temp the pool is, it immediately feels super warm the second it kicks on.

* The gym has three aqua aerobic instructors. I rate them as OK (accompanied by a shrug), Really Good (with a smile), and Excellent (with a fist in the air). I never go to the Excellent class because that’s on Saturday morning at 8 AM. Tonight, the Excellent instructor filled in for the Really Good instructor. I was so happy!

* When Tony and I make dinner together. It’s just a nice feeling to be working alongside him in the kitchen. So homey.

* Watermelon and blueberries, my most favorite treats, are in season.

* I saw someone do something intelligent on the freeway the other day. It was so rare to see that, it gave me hope that there are still people out there who pay attention when they’re driving.

* Star jasmine and magnolia trees are blooming EVERYWHERE. We can almost get high off the scent when sitting in traffic or at stoplights. (That white strip in the picture below that looks almost like snow? Star jasmine… mmmmm.)


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