Love & Loathe — 11/17/09


* I took care of traffic school today online. Passed it with 100%, thank you very much. Which really means I shouldn’t have gotten a ticket in the first place. I knew better.

* Doing traffic school online while wearing my feetie jammies.

* — bidding on a hotel room, having my bid accepted and getting a sweet deal. I love sweet deals.

* Turkey sandwiches.


* Having cold feet and hands.

* White kitchen sink. I really miss the stainless steel sink I had at my former condo. I’m sure I hear you asking “Why, what difference does the sink make?” Well, if I don’t bleach it after every usage? This is what it looks like.

One Last Thing:

When I bought this t-shirt last week, I made the comment to Grace, who was with me at the time, that “Boy, there sure are a lot of inspection stickers inside this shirt…” Based on my comment, she assured me that the shirt was indeed well-inspected and likely safe to wear.

Yes, I would say so.



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19 responses to “Love & Loathe — 11/17/09

  1. Caryl

    I think I told you that I got 100% in traffic school one time,and I too “knew better.” Difference though was that I was in a room full of adults and I was the only one who got the 100%. I was embarrassed.
    Love you,

  2. Maybe Inspector #17 was an inspection trainee and failed his first seven attempts at inspecting. His trainer, Inspector #20, finally just said, “Screw it. I’ll inspect it myself.”

    Or maybe Inspector #17 got so fed up with the boring job of inspecting t-shirts that he slapped the remainder of his “17” stickers on your shirt and walked out. Then poor Inspector #20, not knowing whether Inspector #17 had *really* inspected the shirt or not, had to inspect it again.

    I wonder what the inspector formerly known as “17” is doing now …

    • Inspector 17 is probably now making crafts at her own store on Etsy and is glad she’s not Inspector #17 anymore. She probably wonders who holds her 17th station these days.

      ๐Ÿ˜† I love your mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. grrrace

    Let’s go get turkey sandwiches soon. hehe.

    I use the magic eraser on my kitchen sink. It doesn’t take it allll off, but I like the way it works… Have you tried it? If you want to, I’ll check and see if I have an extra one. I might actually be using the Target knock off. Which works as well…

    Damn. That WAS a lot of stickers in there!!!

    • Turkey sandwiches are soooo good. Mmmm.

      I save my magic erasers (Target’s knock off) for cleaning the outsides of my kitchen cabinets. I just sling a bunch of Ajax around in the sink to clean it. But, man, it’s really started getting on my nerves. I dump out ice from my tea and THAT is what my sink looks like afterwards. Ugh.

      I *know*. It was very stickery all up in there. hehe

  4. grrrace

    Oh yeah and congrats on finishing up that traffic school. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks… they said it’d take 8 hours. I did it in 2 1/2, I think. heh So glad I didn’t have to go somewhere, cuz you know there’s always *some* idiot in the class who wants to ask all these dumb questions and they all want to tell their story about how they got a ticket and they shouldn’t have. Sheez! GET A BLOG!

  5. tony

    I have also inspected the shirt and you can wear it now, I am Inspector 69, hehehe

  6. tony

    :mrgreen: I almost forgot about mr green

  7. Congrats on graduating traffic school!

    You realize a stainless steel sink costs less than $100, right? Ellen and I debated getting stainless steel versus coated cast iron. She decided we wanted stainless steel because it was easier for her to clean.

    • Thanks, it was a pain in the butt, but not *as much* of a pain in the butt as going somewhere might have been. Ugh.

      The previous owners remodeled the kitchen and put in some sort of one piece counter and sink thing. So to pull it out and redo it would basically be a kitchen remodel. *sigh* So I just keep my Ajax handy…

      Glad YOU have stainless steel, though.

  8. grrrace

    fine. don’t use my magic erasers… hehe.

    the last time i did traffic school it didn’t take me very long either. who are these morons who are taking 8 full hours?! maybe they’re taking into account that you might get interrupted? i don’t know…

    • Fine! I won’t! So pushy!! hehe ๐Ÿ˜›

      Maybe, based on who I saw in court that day, they’re people who English is their 2nd language? Or maybe people who don’t know how to copy/paste/search? Oh, oops, did I type that??? ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  9. grrrace

    LOL. you crack me up…

  10. and here I thought it was funny that I had two stickers in my new jeans!