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Love & Loathe — 11/17/09


* I took care of traffic school today online. Passed it with 100%, thank you very much. Which really means I shouldn’t have gotten a ticket in the first place. I knew better.

* Doing traffic school online while wearing my feetie jammies.

* Priceline.com — bidding on a hotel room, having my bid accepted and getting a sweet deal. I love sweet deals.

* Turkey sandwiches.


* Having cold feet and hands.

* White kitchen sink. I really miss the stainless steel sink I had at my former condo. I’m sure I hear you asking “Why, what difference does the sink make?” Well, if I don’t bleach it after every usage? This is what it looks like.

One Last Thing:

When I bought this t-shirt last week, I made the comment to Grace, who was with me at the time, that “Boy, there sure are a lot of inspection stickers inside this shirt…” Based on my comment, she assured me that the shirt was indeed well-inspected and likely safe to wear.

Yes, I would say so.



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