Dress Code.

I present my new favorite t-shirt.

I told Tony I’m gonna wear this t-shirt every day, 24 hours a day, from now until I get a job. Except when I’m interviewing.

He said he’s looking forward to that… me getting a job, that is. Not seeing this t-shirt on me every day.



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22 responses to “Dress Code.

  1. grrrace

    i know that this post is about the shirt, but all i could think was: damn, those are some long arms.



  2. OMG, there’s writing on the shirt! Sorry, I was distracted.

    BTW, thanks for the feedback on the paper! It flows much better. I need to add one more section so I may fire it back again for a final proof. You’re the best, even on holiday!

  3. LOL, LOL…Great T-Shirt, my dear….! I think I would do the same thing–Wear that T-Shirt all the time, 24/7!

  4. Tony Likes to Comment

    sweetie is going to smell, stinky, help, nananananana
    someone please hirer her, so she will change her shirt, love you sweetie pie, XXOXOXOXO LOL


  6. daydreambetty

    That is a totally distracting shirt….where can I get one so we can be shirt-twins! πŸ˜€

  7. py

    It is an interestesting looking shirt.
    Maybe you may invite a lot of invitations to excting jobs if you were to wear a shirt that says “I have lots of talents. Available for hire.”


  8. love the tshirt! πŸ™‚
    i guess i’ll be getting one that says “retired, i think?” …

  9. My goodness, everyone is distracted by the shirt. Me too, but yes, why not an ‘I’m retired’ one?

  10. grrrace

    If I took that pic, the words and graphic would be much closer up. hehe.

    And yeah… cuz do you buh-nember Auntie J*****? She has long arms and fish? hehe.

    • You’re right, the words and graphics WOULD be much closer… whether you took it, or even if you got your husband to take the picture. Although for different reasons. hehe

      The fish are good for distracting little children, and long arms are all the better to GRAB HER WITH. *muwahahaha* hehe