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Love & Loathe — 11/24/09


* That each company these days wants applicants to complete their online application instead of just submitting a resume. That really wouldn’t be so irritating, except they all use the same software and the “resume importer” of that software is just simply pathetic.

* Being such a night owl. My sleep hours are all jacked up, it’s gonna be tough to get back to normal when I get a job.

* There is *always* something going on with the gym’s pool. This week the pool’s heater isn’t working, so the water is pretty frigid. Since I’d gone through the effort to get there, I swam anyway. Cold water is not a good friend to hot muscles and now I’m suffering with sore arm muscles. Plus my goggles never seal right when the water is that cold.


* Green bags. Read about them, found them for cheap in Ross. Tried them. So far, they’ve kept my lettuce crisp, just like new, for over 2 weeks. All my other veggies fresh, too… onions, zucchini, cucumber, everything. Unbelievable.

* Turkey pepperoni. I make homemade pizza with a salad every couple of weeks for dinner, and I was surprised at how tasty turkey pepperoni is vs. the regular sausage pepperoni.

* Orowheat Sandwich Thins. Tasty and low calorie. Kinda pricey in the grocery store, but I found them in Costco for cheap. Cheap makes me happy.

* Having book reading days. I’ve been reading a lot of books lately.

* The movie, The Blind Side. After the 3rd try, we finally got in and got a decent seat. Yay! La-la-la-Loved the movie.

One Last Thing:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



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