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Love & Loathe — 11/03/09


* Tater tots. Such a simple pleasure.

* My pumpkin cookies. With chocolate chips. I made some with raisins for Tony, but chocolate chips are the best.

* Pomegranates. Preferably without worms in them. *shudder*

* I got an extra day before they turned the heat off in the community pool. I’ll take that as an unexpected birthday gift.

* Halloween sales. Yes, I got my Halloween tree at Hallmark. *grin*

* Disneyland on my birthday. They give you a pin to wear, and when Disneyland employees see it, it’s their cue to say “Happy Birthday” … I received 19 Happy Birthday wishes in about 2 hours. Love it.

* Having a novel reading day just because I feel like it.

* Family & friends. I simply love them. I love that they took it upon themselves to make a fuss over my birthday.

* We’re going to the mountains this weekend. I love the mountains.


* Ummm, huh. Not coming up with anything for this week.

One Last Thing:

Last week I made shredded beef burritos for dinner. Since I was clearing out the meat in the freezer, and I wasn’t sure how long the beef I was using had been in there, I tossed the beef in the crockpot and used one of those slow cooker liners that I love so much for making clean-up easy.

A few hours into the slow cooking process, to my surprise given how well-sealed my crockpot is, I heard it sizzling over there and thought I should go check it out. The heat and pressure had apparently created a suction effect, which had caused the liner to puff up and actually lift the 3 pounds of beef on a cloud of hot air.

What a cool science thing!



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