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100 Things.

To commemorate my 1,100th post and 5 1/2 years of blogging, I present to you 100 Things About Me. I’m thinking you’re lucky I didn’t go all the way to 1,100.

I’ve worked hard on this, although I fully expect that there are only three people who will read it in its entirety. HA! If you’re not my mom, my husband or Grace, and you read it all the way through, I’ll be surprised!

Without further ado:

1. I dislike stepping on a wet bathroom rug from someone who’s showered before me.

2. I never use the label “miscellaneous” for files. There is so much about life that’s miscellaneous, I don’t want my entire life stuck in one folder. Kind of like the “eggs in one basket” saying, I suppose.

3. I find it amusing that men watch TV so loudly because they “can’t hear the dialogue” and yet they can hear the word “sex” whispered from upstairs, in the shower, with two doors closed between.

4. Lipsticks that profess to be “12 hour color” never stay on my lips more than an hour. I guess I’m a nervous lip gnawer? When I die and they do an autopsy, they’ll probably find a rainbow in my a**, courtesy of L’oreal.

5. People who do not pre-write their checks while standing in line at the grocery store really annoy me. Come on… just write the date and store name, at least!

6. People who brake when approaching a green light also really annoy me. IT’S GREEN!

7. I believe that acne and bloating/water retention are defects in God’s creation.

8. I love elephants and red finger nail polish. Not necessarily ON the elephant, mind you.

9. I learned to swallow pills when I was 8 years old by swallowing M&M’s.

10. I also learned how to properly paint my fingernails when I was 8 years old. A lady by the name of Lynn taught me how. She was a beautician with a strange story. I’ve since learned that strange stories are fairly normal.

11. When I get sick, I REALLY get sick. My body likes to make a big show of things.

12. I called in sick once to work when I wasn’t sick. I ended up getting sick that day with a cold and was miserable. I haven’t faked sick since then.

13. I love onions and eat them raw, like an apple, every chance I get. I especially love onion hearts.

14. I also love eating raw potatoes. What a yummy, starchy treat!

15. I love beets and radishes, too.

16. I think I generally just love root vegetables, although I’ve never had turnips.

17. I despise mixed vegetables and, if you fix them for me, will totally insult you by not eating them. But I don’t mind vegetable soup.

18. I don’t eat seafood. Although, oddly, I get a craving on *very* rare occasions for smoked salmon or oyster stew.

19. I’ve never tasted alcohol, but I will sniff it and I like how it smells.

20. My father lost his family and, eventually, his life as a result of alcoholism.
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