Love & Loathe – 09/29/09


* “Networking” (air quote usage) with friends over lunch. I’ve never had so many “lunches” crammed into one month in all my whole life!

* Earlier this year I wished for a summer, the kind I used to get when I was a kid between school years. I know, be careful what you wish for… *impish grin* but I sure have enjoyed my grown-up summertime. Since that wish came true, I really wish I could go to Hawaii this year.

* Spending so much time with my beloved cats. I sure do love their fuzzy ears, warm tummies and soft paws. I even love their exclamation point tails.

* Getting my projects done. Yesterday I tackled my disorganized guest room. Technically, it’s not really a guest room, it’s my insomnia room. The place I go when i can’t sleep and need absolute quiet and darkness. I tackled it and I’m so happy with it. It cleaned up real nice.

* Reading books and winning books — many thanks to Paula for the book I won on her website.

* Vince for all his computer help this month.

* Crock pot liners. These are God’s gifts to people who don’t like cleaning cooked on gunk off of large crockery.


* This will the last time for my “09” date bookends. *sniffle* As a consolation, I’m pointing out the third nine in the middle.

* I still don’t know what I should do with that knick knack shack I removed from my rolltop desk. For now, I stuck it in the corner, because that’s what one should do with bad things.

* How quickly this month has gone by.

One Last Thing:

Am I the only one with a 12 year old’s sense of humor, who thinks that what they named this product is not only hilarious, but totally appropriate, given the end result of eating them?



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12 responses to “Love & Loathe – 09/29/09

  1. You know I’m always happy to give a hand to my peeps. Just making the world a little better, one PC at a time (and taking over the world, one riff at a time!)

    You totally crack me up! I hadn’t even thought about the name of those veggies till you said something!

  2. Susan

    Hi Sweetie, thanks for the link, was totally worth the read. I certainly do miss your quick sense of humor. Yes, let’s have lunch. I’m so up for it! Hugs, Sue

  3. I never heard of Steamers…What is it? I couldn’t read the printing on the package—too small for these old eyes…lol!
    I’m with you on loving the cats—I love my SWEETIE so much! And that Crock Pot cover thingy is BRILLIANT!
    AND, it seems like all the months are rudhing by…I don’t like it either…I was shocked when it was September 1st…and now…Here it is the 30th…! OY!

    • Steamers are frozen vegetables that are pretty much pre-made, you just steam ’em up. The ones in the picture are broccoli… heh
      Cats are wonderful, warm critters. This particular one in my lap is paws over nose in love with me and I love it. *happy sigh*

      I wish I could pause time sometimes….

  4. grrrace

    Steamers! haha! Awesome.

    I liked the 09.29.09 date, also. 🙂

  5. What ’09 bookends? September was a complete blur to me!!


    I’d go to Hawaii with you! It’s been a bit cold lately here and would love to be in Hawaii’s climate again.

    • I have no idea where September went, it was a blur to me, too. Egads! We’re getting old!

      Mmmm, Hawaii! With a wonderful friend! You just know we’d have the best of times! 🙂