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Love & Loathe – 09/15/09


* “09” date bookends. Yep, that’s gonna be on my “love” lists through the end of this month.

* Spending time at home with my pets, especially since the weather cooled off suddenly on Sunday. Don’t miss all that frivolous office A/C one bit (now).

* Snug’s determination — he reclaimed the corner that I stole from him for my files (sort of). This picture was taken the first day he reclaimed the territory, before he realized he could “settle in” to the cat bed. Look at his butt all jacked up in the air. HA!.

* My favorite snack of all time — watermelon and blueberries. I love how it tastes and I really love how it looks.

* Catching up with the people on my reference list. I truly had no idea how much fun that part of being unemployed could be. I certainly don’t remember it being this much fun 3 1/2 years ago!

* How Nephew Huck calls Tony “Uncle Toy” (still) and wishes people “Happy Dirtday” instead of “Happy Birthday”… now THAT is some funny stuff right there. (Click to see video!) So, Happy Dirtday to my mother-in-law (it was the 11th)!

* Also, this video’s pretty funny of Tony’s mom reading her birthday card from us to Nephew Huck… (click to see) Oh, go on, click it. You need to laugh.

*Oh! Today is the day they’re having the evening seminar at my old work for their clients. I don’t have to do anything for it — no late night, no calling the caterer, no phone calls to confirm RSVPs — oh, the bliss!! I did choose to answer some questions from my work friend re: the prep of it. I’m nice that way.

* Our community’s landscapers. They are such a nice group of hardworking men.

* That Mr. White seems to be OK after last week’s exciting escapade.


* Rats in my back yard. Need to go to Home Depot and get a new rat trap, the old one is too rusty.

*Under the skin pimple bumps. Cures, anyone?

* That Tony has to work two jobs. I miss him.

One Last Thing:

You know how I love my catalogs in the mail, right? So I got this one in the mail and I was all, “Cool! No gap-toothed model, yay!” So I’m browsing it, and the first few pages I’m thinking, “Cool clothes, too bad the styles are all cute now that I have nowhere to wear them…” Then I get to the fourth page in and can’t help but be a little surprised because, there, right there, as big as you please is a foot, bigger than all the models, taking up the ENTIRE PAGE!

Now, it’s a nice foot, I’m sure, as feet go, and a nice sandal and everything. But, the size of it in comparison … it’s like the foot of King Kong’s wife. My, oh my — my grandma would remember the early-1900’s, when if someone glimpsed your ankle you were considered on the “racy” side of women.

Tell me I’m not the only one who finds that just a little … bizarre?



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