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Pruning and Healing.

I did some yard work last weekend, pruning back some of my plants.

My gardenia tree bloomed so profusely this year, leaving a bunch of browned out, spent blooms at the end of its arms like crumpled, well used napkins. My guava tree actually fruited this year, but lost all its leaves in the process and my artichoke plant renewed itself, but didn’t produce any artichokes. My fig tree only made three figs, so I pruned that back pretty profusely in the hopes it will make more next year. My rose bush had dead heads galore, effectively stumping it as to what it was supposed to do next. I hadn’t paid attention to my geraniums and they had become long and gangly, with blooms and leaves only at the ends of three foot long tentacles.

My plants are the perfect example of how I let my life become this past year. Still growing, reaching for the sun, but the soul and roots need desperate attention. I let myself become unbalanced and uncentered.

Saija pointed out in the comments of the previous post that there must be so much around here that I’m doing. Yes, I would say so.

I make sure I swim laps every morning for 45 minutes, for obvious reasons (at least to me). Exercise is good for my health — emotional and physical. I check online job sources (monster, indeed.com, EDD’s website, and a couple of others — if you know of others, please do let me know in the comments). I also make sure I get out of the house each day, if even for just a short drive and I’ve been doing little organizational projects around the house. And cooking.

This past week, I had lunch with my two bosses from the job I held four years ago, the bosses from whom I inherited my fish that I’ve come to love so much. That lunch was a big step for me (several reasons, which I won’t get into here), but it turned out to be a really positive experience, a healing experience. I’m so glad I reached out to them.

I also had lunch with a dear friend in San Diego on her 40th birthday. It was accidental on my part, I had forgotten it was her birthday, but it meant so much to me (and her, I think) to be a part of her day. Since I was in San Diego, I stopped by Sea World for a couple hours just to say “hi” to all the critters. You know how I love critters… and chocolate funnel cake.

I am at peace with where I’m at right now. I know the “right” job for me is out there, the timing just has to line up and I know it will. It’s happened too often in the past for it not to happen again.

In the meantime, I’m pruning my roots and healing my soul and, as my sister-in-law stated tonight, I’m also “networking” with all these lunches I’m doing. Networking is important.

As I tell Tony nightly, I’m very busy being unemployed!



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