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Love & Loathe – 09/22/09


* Today is nephew Huck’s 3rd birthday. Or “dirtday” as he calls it. Happy Birthday, little guy!

* Nephew kisses. Huck asks for “Regular Kisses” (instead of Kissy-Monster kisses which I understand can be a little overwhelming), but there’s nothing “regular” about “Regular Kisses.” They are so full of sweetness and little boy goodness, and I especially love kissing their little necks. Mmmm. Delicious and delectable.

* I’m having fun getting to know my kitchen and cooking. I love making my husband’s tummy rumble when he walks in the door because of the yummy smells.

* Finding 1 lb. bags of rigatoni pasta at Big Lots for $.90. What a bargain!

* Finding boneless pork chops at Costco for $2.49/lb. I spent $12, got home and discovered that there were 16 chops in there. That’s a lot of choppy goodness.

* How I restrained myself from saying how much I love the “09” date bookends.

* Finding weird job ads. This week there was the guy with a list of job duties 3 pages long, the highlights included, “speak to wife about divorce,” and “speak to divorce attorney,” and “arrange poker games with friends,” and “follow-up on rebates”… all for the whopping amount of $5.62/hour. Or the other one, all it says is, “Seeking an assistant to help sales manager, drama background helpful!!! Call Al.” Like, why would a drama background be helpful (with three exclamation points)?


* Remember last week’s giant bump pimple and my desire NOT to pop it? Well, the next morning I was swimming and got too close to the bottom of the pool and my chin scraped the bottom of the pool, but only that side of my chin, the side with the giant bump pimple (because it was sticking out so much) and, HOLY TOOTHPICKS UNDER MY TOE NAIL did that hurt! And then I had a big, fat scab on that side of my chin. (sigh)

* Feeiing ripped off. When I bought my printer a couple years ago, I priced out the replacement ink as part of the price consideration. When I went to buy ink last month, I thought it was weird how the container had the five color inks and then an empty bubble in the packaging. I swore there was black ink when I bought my first replacement package two years ago. I got home and looked, sure enough… they used to sell the black ink with the colored ink. Apparently no longer. But they still use the old packaging to sell the colored ink.


One Last Thing:
On Sunday, we attended our nephew’s birthday party. I had brought along a peanut granola bar and a Hershey’s bar just in case the munchies hit while we were driving over there. You just never know, and I like to be prepared! Turns out, the munchies didn’t hit, so I put the two bars in the cup holder for later. As it happened, it was a rather warm day and, of course, even warmer in the car. So this is what we returned to when the party was over. Well, our party was over.

Things that make you go “Hmmmm…” Not sure if the moral of that story is “Nuts stand up to the heat…” or something else.

(Should I have listed this as “Not Work Safe”??)



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