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Love & Loathe – 09/29/09


* “Networking” (air quote usage) with friends over lunch. I’ve never had so many “lunches” crammed into one month in all my whole life!

* Earlier this year I wished for a summer, the kind I used to get when I was a kid between school years. I know, be careful what you wish for… *impish grin* but I sure have enjoyed my grown-up summertime. Since that wish came true, I really wish I could go to Hawaii this year.

* Spending so much time with my beloved cats. I sure do love their fuzzy ears, warm tummies and soft paws. I even love their exclamation point tails.

* Getting my projects done. Yesterday I tackled my disorganized guest room. Technically, it’s not really a guest room, it’s my insomnia room. The place I go when i can’t sleep and need absolute quiet and darkness. I tackled it and I’m so happy with it. It cleaned up real nice.

* Reading books and winning books — many thanks to Paula for the book I won on her website.

* Vince for all his computer help this month.

* Crock pot liners. These are God’s gifts to people who don’t like cleaning cooked on gunk off of large crockery.


* This will the last time for my “09” date bookends. *sniffle* As a consolation, I’m pointing out the third nine in the middle.

* I still don’t know what I should do with that knick knack shack I removed from my rolltop desk. For now, I stuck it in the corner, because that’s what one should do with bad things.

* How quickly this month has gone by.

One Last Thing:

Am I the only one with a 12 year old’s sense of humor, who thinks that what they named this product is not only hilarious, but totally appropriate, given the end result of eating them?



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