Custom Frames.

I had a few chuckles on the freeway driving home last night when I spotted these license plate frames. I couldn’t stop imagining that perhaps her son-in-law put these on her car, and she maybe doesn’t even know they’re there?  Because, really, how often do YOU go look at your license plate frames?  Once a year when you stick your new registration sticker on?

Then I thought how awesome that would be if Tony got some of these and put them on my mom’s car. And that’s when I really laughed.  In fact, I was lying in bed last night thinking about that and started laughing… Tony said, “What are you laughing about?” I wouldn’t tell him because I wanted to post the picture to go with it.



Nice, shiny chrome plate holder that says, “Happiness is being…  Tony’s Mother-In-Law!



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  1. Tony

    very funny, good Idea too….:mrgreen: