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Quick Update.

After some extensive monitoring and testing and ultrasounds and a visit with the high risk neonatal doctor, I was cleared off of bedrest and authorized to return to work on Friday.

They also cleared us to go to the mountains (with lots of rest breaks, hydration, etc., etc., and knowing where the closest L&D unit is just in case). That’s where we are now (the mountains, not the L&D unit). We had a wonderful morning spent at our favorite breakfast restaurant and a visit to our favorite candy store, I am currently eating a frozen banana and we’re sitting outside of McDonald’s using their WIFI.

We are calling this a Babymoon. ha

Seriously, thank you for all your prayers and your comments encouraging me — meant so much to me… I have a follow up appointment with the high risk doctors next week and we’re praying that all continues to be stable. Baby still has a lot of development to do and we would definitely prefer that he do it inside as opposed to in the NICU.



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Oh, Bed, How I’ve Missed Thee!

As if my uninterrupted 9 to 10 hour stretches of sleep on the weekend, and the drooling kind of sleep I do on weeknights aren’t enough — yes, pregnant women everywhere hate me for that — I am now assigned to bed rest. Again. 24/7 hours of bed for this week! Hate away, you haters, I have other, for more dramatic pregnancy inconveniences that make up for my Camel Bladder of Steel that allow me those marathon sleep nights.

You may recall I was diagnosed with a low lying placenta? Yes? Why don’t you recall that? Do YOU have pregnancy brain? Why is everyone around me suffering from pregnancy brain? ANYWAY, so when I bled last night and this morning, I consoled myself with, “Oh, it’s just that bothersome low lying placenta…” went to sleep last night, work this morning and called my doctor. That consolation didn’t work so well when they called back in less than two hours and said, “How fast can you get here?” I was glad to learn, so I know you’ll be glad to learn, that the placenta is no longer low lying and has moved up! Far, far away from my cervix. Hooray!

My cervix, apparently feeling lonely from the disappearing placenta, has decided to shorten into a zone that my doctor feels is “not an emergency, don’t freak out, but you’re on bed rest as of now, you’ll need to see a high risk neo-natal specialist, and come in for electronic fetal monitoring.” Basically, it’s way too early for my cervix to be shortening like this.

So, just out of curiosity, I innocently decided to verify what my doctor said and plugged in my cervical length, how pregnant I am and went off to the land of Dr. Google freak-out. Oh, when will I ever learn (oh, oh, let me answer — never?)? STAY AWAY FROM DR. GOOGLE!

I figure most of you guys have been around my blog long enough that I can ask a personal favor of you… so, let’s get REALLY personal, shall we? If you think of it, would you mind sending up a prayer for my cervix?

We (my cervix, Baby, me, and my husband) would greatly appreciate it.

(Off topic: Seriously, doesn’t this kid have the cutest nose ever?)


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Week of Weird.

The weird weather has continued in these parts, with a dramatic thunder and lightning storm on Saturday morning and then sun in the afternoon — as if all the morning weather drama never happened. I had chosen to sleep in that morning, and Tony, who was on his way back from the gym and was quite relieved to see that I wasn’t lap swimming at the time. Since the lightning sounded like it cracked something about 10 feet from our house (I was awake after that, for sure, although we didn’t see anything amiss), I decided it might be best to delay my swim to later that afternoon when the sun came out.

We decided to spend last Saturday morning driving around and running errands together. There are some pretty, tree-lined roads in the back part of our county and the roads curve around each other. Somewhat maddening if you’re used to a grid-like city pattern of roads, but beautiful in a simple way if you’re just out for a drive together on a rainy Saturday morning with your heads stuck out the windows of your car like a pair of oxygen deprived dogs inhaling the fresh smell of just rained on earth!

I’m not a huge follower of things like LivingSocial or Groupon, but occasionally they have a pretty good deal… like super cheap movie tickets and that awesome Amazon deal back in January. I was pretty excited when this week they had a pay $10, get $20 to spend at Whole Foods. There’s a Whole Foods pretty close to my work place (meaning I can zip over there on my lunch hour and be back at work with time to spare), and they do have bins (we all know about my affection for bin food, right?), so I was pretty tickled to get in on that deal. I love when I catch deals for things that I love.

It’s quarterly audit time at work, which means the outside auditors have come in and are sitting in the work spaces near me. As usual, the one closest to me is sick with a cold (or something, it’s always something). She sits over there and complains about how she doesn’t feel well, all the while sneezing, coughing and sniffling her nose. As usual, my immune system holds out for a week and then succumbs. It’s so frustrating to me. I’ve made mention the last two times this happened to my co-worker about this maddening pattern, but this time I made a bit of a bigger deal over it. So, they moved the ill culprit two desks over — which is great! But sadly it was too little, too late. The bug had already started settling into my immune system. I lost some pay this week because I went home sick… the whole thing just frustrates me (in case I haven’t mentioned that, like, 12 times).

This week, in case you didn’t know, there was a full moon. Or a harvest moon, the farmers call it. Or in our house, the Crazy-Ass Cat Week.

Our two alpha cats hate each other all the time, although the one just can’t comprehend the constant hate of the other and is constantly sticking his face in the other one’s face to be sure, or mosies by him, or just gets in his general vicinity when there are other, faster paths to his destination he could take. He always gets swiped or hissed at. So, lately, when he does that, I’ve taken to saying to him, “Slasher, Tug still hates you!” Slasher then looks at me with an aggrieved look on his face and goes on his way. But this week, and all weeks with a full moon, the hate is taken to an all new level with constant late night yowling, growling and feline yodeling. The hate, it’s really quite impressive.

I’m looking forward to the weekend as if it’s a reset button. To my health and to our cats’ sanity. Here’s to a new us next week!


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Not a Quality Post.

The news in these parts is the hot, hot weather this week and the weird rain storms we had for Labor Day weekend. The rain storms were great for me and my lap swimming — no one but me swims in the rain. My theory is, I’m already wet, what difference does it make if it comes from the sky or the pool?

This week, the temperature has been up over 100° at our house during the day. We live inland, and I work coastal, which means that on my drive home I can literally feel the temperature rise the closer I get to home.

I’ve even started aggressively seeking out shady parking spots at work and weighing the risk of bird crap against having a hot car that takes 5 minutes to cool down at the end of the day, even with the top dropped. The risk of bird crap is winning.

On one particularly hot day with higher than normal humidity, we decided to just run the air conditioning all night. That decision was a big deal for us, because I’m totally cheap and hate giving away one more cent than I should to utility companies. I slept fine that night, but poor Tony was miserable… apparently, our thermostat is one of those “smart” ones that requires programming. It programmed itself to turn up to 85° at midnight, and Tony woke up in a pool of sweat. So much for our splurging, oops.

Now that we’ve thoroughly discussed the weather, I can share some weird, randomness… always fun. We went to Walmart the other day and we parked next to this car. The woman who drove this car has an extreme affection for all things Stitch related. She had Stitch dolls for occasions I didn’t even know they made Stitch dolls for, like Easter, for example. I was really impressed and might have had just a touch of Stitch envy.

We had family over for a Labor Day BBQ and pool fun (had it all to ourselves because of the wonky weather). When everyone came back from the pool, I kept thinking there was a creepy Super Hero waiting and watching us by our front door. But it wasn’t, nope. Just a strange stacking of pool towels.

Also, because it was really, really good? California Pizza Kitchen’s tiramisu. Doesn’t that just scream cardiac arrest? ha


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Blogabilities – Week of 08/28/2011

* Time in the mountains is the best thing ever… still so happy about our anniversary trip up there two weeks ago. I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of the little routines we do up there. From our special breakfast, to wandering through town, to driving past the donkey’s house, to buying peanuts for the squirrels and birds at the General Store. Our most recent visit, though, in honor of our anniversary, we added a little jaunt over to the start of our Mile Long Wedding Aisle. Remember, we were married on top of Castle Rock…

* Coupons for free car maintenance. I received a letter in the mail from a dealership that I’d gone to exactly one time. I had a great experience there that one time, except that I asked them to match the “family” price I’d been getting at another dealership and they came in $5 over. So I never went back. For some reason, though, they mailed me a coupon for free oil and filter changes through December of 2012. That’s, like, 5 free oil changes. I used one of them last week, so I guess they’ve now made up that $5 charge I was miffed over. Plus, they have free WIFI in their waiting area.

* I love discovering which plant of mine is blooming… and this week it was my Canna lily plant. The blooms last but a short time, but WOWZA are they colorful and so dramatic!

* A leaf the same color as my car. Does this mean the seasons are getting ready to change?

* My car’s odometer changed to 100,000 miles this morning — and I MISSED SEEING IT HAPPEN! Gah!

* Got this as change from the local gas station. When was the last time YOU saw a $2 bill in circulation?

* Discovering an unread book in my garage. I’m not sure why I didn’t read this book when I bought it, but it’s been owned by me since at least February of 2005 (according to the random receipt I stuffed in the first page as a bookmark for when I did get around to reading it). I’m finding it to be peaceful, funny and an easy read — enjoying it immensely. Link This is the only book of this author’s that I’ve read and now I’m thinking I may have to find and read all them! Y’all know I’m an obsessive author reader, right?

* Tuesday morning during my lap swim session, I had just started my kickboarding set of laps and the sun had just barely started to lighten the sky. For those laps, I remove my swim goggles and usually close my eyes and relax into the movement. I did so Tuesday morning and opened them as I reached the opposite end of the pool to see a bobcat had slipped through the fence, presumably to drink at his “waterhole” and he was just as startled to see me as I was him. His eyes were wide, his ears attentive and the fur on his back was floofed up. My hand had just reached out to grasp the edge of the pool, but I stopped moving when I saw him, and waited to see what he would do… 5 feet from me. Our eyes looked into each others, steadily, evaluating intentions. He backed up, opened his mouth like he was hissing (I wear earplugs), turned and went back through the fence. I thought maybe I was crazy and had imagined it. Although, we do live near a natural preserve and there is a strip of “natural” land that comes down from that preserve which borders our community, but still. So, I searched pictures of bobcats, that cat was definitely a bobcat. Also, apparently there are sightings of bobcats in our area a few times a year, so I guess maybe I’m not crazy. But, wow. Talk about a wake up to my morning!

* Blessed to have a three day weekend coming up.


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