Oh, Bed, How I’ve Missed Thee!

As if my uninterrupted 9 to 10 hour stretches of sleep on the weekend, and the drooling kind of sleep I do on weeknights aren’t enough — yes, pregnant women everywhere hate me for that — I am now assigned to bed rest. Again. 24/7 hours of bed for this week! Hate away, you haters, I have other, for more dramatic pregnancy inconveniences that make up for my Camel Bladder of Steel that allow me those marathon sleep nights.

You may recall I was diagnosed with a low lying placenta? Yes? Why don’t you recall that? Do YOU have pregnancy brain? Why is everyone around me suffering from pregnancy brain? ANYWAY, so when I bled last night and this morning, I consoled myself with, “Oh, it’s just that bothersome low lying placenta…” went to sleep last night, work this morning and called my doctor. That consolation didn’t work so well when they called back in less than two hours and said, “How fast can you get here?” I was glad to learn, so I know you’ll be glad to learn, that the placenta is no longer low lying and has moved up! Far, far away from my cervix. Hooray!

My cervix, apparently feeling lonely from the disappearing placenta, has decided to shorten into a zone that my doctor feels is “not an emergency, don’t freak out, but you’re on bed rest as of now, you’ll need to see a high risk neo-natal specialist, and come in for electronic fetal monitoring.” Basically, it’s way too early for my cervix to be shortening like this.

So, just out of curiosity, I innocently decided to verify what my doctor said and plugged in my cervical length, how pregnant I am and went off to the land of Dr. Google freak-out. Oh, when will I ever learn (oh, oh, let me answer — never?)? STAY AWAY FROM DR. GOOGLE!

I figure most of you guys have been around my blog long enough that I can ask a personal favor of you… so, let’s get REALLY personal, shall we? If you think of it, would you mind sending up a prayer for my cervix?

We (my cervix, Baby, me, and my husband) would greatly appreciate it.

(Off topic: Seriously, doesn’t this kid have the cutest nose ever?)



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14 responses to “Oh, Bed, How I’ve Missed Thee!

  1. Lynne

    I had what’s called a dynamic cervix. A normal pregnancy, if ideal, is over 7 mms, I believe. Mine fluctuated between 2.5 and 4. Because of my history of blood clots, I could not be on bed rest. What they did for me was watch me closely and ultrasound measure my cervix (and fluid levels which were also wildly out of range) every two weeks. Ding ding ding…we got to know the tech and she took ultracool 4d images of our little boy every 2 weeks. Though I had the fear and uncertainty of such a scary potential complication, I also had the assurance of seeing my little boy every 2 weeks. When things got a little too weird, they sent us to labor/delivery (24 weeks) for some shots to rev up his lung development “just in case”. Your bed rest will be good for you and little man. I am telling you this because you know the rest of the story. I have a perfect, healthy and gorgeous little boy who was born weighing 8lbs, 4 ounces at 38 weeks. You have a set back, but you are in the best of hands and they are taking action. TRY (ha ha) to relax and know that he’s still in there doing just what he’s supposed to…grow and develop.

    I hope this is an encouragement. I fully intend for it to be.

  2. Stacey

    Sweetest profile ever. Perfect button nose, little rose bud mouth. Just stay in their baby and grow strong for your mom and dad.

  3. Tony

    I am always praying for you both to be healthy and strong, Love you both. XXXXOXOXO

  4. Lynne

    ps: the prayers have never stopped and they will continue with more urgency.

  5. You know I pray for you every day. I’ll just be a little more specific now.

  6. Cat

    Is it odd for me to say “Your cervix will be in my thoughts”? It feels odd. 😉 Still praying up here in Canada for you. Hasn’t stopped.

    I’m on medical leave now for 8 weeks. We should form a bed-ridden support group. *hugs*

  7. Prayers are coming your way, my dear Jammie—-Bed Rest sounds quite nice, I must say, but I know there are worries that accompany this particular bed rest……Sending Healing Light to you and your dear Baby and Tony, too, and especially to your cervix…..!

  8. I’ve still got most things crossed, I’ll go back to keeping my eyes crossed for you… cervix… BEHAVE …. chill out … Baby, hook your feet up in Mum’s ribs… I know it’s possible, Amy used to do it.

  9. PY

    Sending you my prayers.

  10. Jackie

    Sending prayers your way for that precious baby!!

  11. It’s a very cute little nose and I love that chubby little upper lip. He’s gorgeous already. You and he and Tony will remain in my prayers.

  12. Oh my goodness! First of all, lots and lots of prayers from me! Second, bed rest stinks! I hope you can get off of it soon. Did they talk about a cerclage at all? If you are shortening a lot they can do that for you. The only good thing about a shorter cervix is extra u/s to see the baby! We normally see a specialist anyway and see the baby a couple times a month but this time we will be even more diligent. It’s one of the only perks to having to go to the doctor so much. By the way, sooooooo happy your placenta has moved up! That’s so wonderful! You are in my prayers and I’ll pray for your cervix in particular too 🙂

  13. So glad all is well and the uterus is listening ; o ) Enjoy the mountains!

  14. Tracey

    Oh my GoD I have been so out touch I hadn’t checked my email since late August. So glad to see the pic of my adopted niece or nephew. So cutE So glad as I write this I know you are doing better. So in need of one of our marathon chats to catch up Love ya