Week of Weird.

The weird weather has continued in these parts, with a dramatic thunder and lightning storm on Saturday morning and then sun in the afternoon — as if all the morning weather drama never happened. I had chosen to sleep in that morning, and Tony, who was on his way back from the gym and was quite relieved to see that I wasn’t lap swimming at the time. Since the lightning sounded like it cracked something about 10 feet from our house (I was awake after that, for sure, although we didn’t see anything amiss), I decided it might be best to delay my swim to later that afternoon when the sun came out.

We decided to spend last Saturday morning driving around and running errands together. There are some pretty, tree-lined roads in the back part of our county and the roads curve around each other. Somewhat maddening if you’re used to a grid-like city pattern of roads, but beautiful in a simple way if you’re just out for a drive together on a rainy Saturday morning with your heads stuck out the windows of your car like a pair of oxygen deprived dogs inhaling the fresh smell of just rained on earth!

I’m not a huge follower of things like LivingSocial or Groupon, but occasionally they have a pretty good deal… like super cheap movie tickets and that awesome Amazon deal back in January. I was pretty excited when this week they had a pay $10, get $20 to spend at Whole Foods. There’s a Whole Foods pretty close to my work place (meaning I can zip over there on my lunch hour and be back at work with time to spare), and they do have bins (we all know about my affection for bin food, right?), so I was pretty tickled to get in on that deal. I love when I catch deals for things that I love.

It’s quarterly audit time at work, which means the outside auditors have come in and are sitting in the work spaces near me. As usual, the one closest to me is sick with a cold (or something, it’s always something). She sits over there and complains about how she doesn’t feel well, all the while sneezing, coughing and sniffling her nose. As usual, my immune system holds out for a week and then succumbs. It’s so frustrating to me. I’ve made mention the last two times this happened to my co-worker about this maddening pattern, but this time I made a bit of a bigger deal over it. So, they moved the ill culprit two desks over — which is great! But sadly it was too little, too late. The bug had already started settling into my immune system. I lost some pay this week because I went home sick… the whole thing just frustrates me (in case I haven’t mentioned that, like, 12 times).

This week, in case you didn’t know, there was a full moon. Or a harvest moon, the farmers call it. Or in our house, the Crazy-Ass Cat Week.

Our two alpha cats hate each other all the time, although the one just can’t comprehend the constant hate of the other and is constantly sticking his face in the other one’s face to be sure, or mosies by him, or just gets in his general vicinity when there are other, faster paths to his destination he could take. He always gets swiped or hissed at. So, lately, when he does that, I’ve taken to saying to him, “Slasher, Tug still hates you!” Slasher then looks at me with an aggrieved look on his face and goes on his way. But this week, and all weeks with a full moon, the hate is taken to an all new level with constant late night yowling, growling and feline yodeling. The hate, it’s really quite impressive.

I’m looking forward to the weekend as if it’s a reset button. To my health and to our cats’ sanity. Here’s to a new us next week!



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17 responses to “Week of Weird.

  1. stacey

    The kids were thrilled with the thunder and lightning. Then it started hailing too. You could really see it bouncing and rolling around on our trampoline. My son wanted to run out in it. I told him that it was not a good idea to be outside when it was hailing and lightning. We have a puppy now and he tries everyday to go up to the cat to see if she likes him yet and will play. So everyday he gets hissed at and swatted. You think he would learn. Maybe he is just an optimist 🙂

    • Oh how fun! Hail playing on your trampoline! We didn’t have hail here, I thought we did for a second, but Tony and I collaborated and declared it to be just hard rain.

      Ha ha — silly puppy! Optimism at it’s best! Guess we’ll see if the cat’s no nonsense approach or puppy’s optimism wins!

  2. I hope you are feeling better! It stinks when someone else gives you something like that and you not only get sick but miss work too! I was laughing at your crazy ass cat week! Definitely the giggle I needed!

    • Still working on getting this cold out of my system, but now I have bed for 24/7, I think I’ll get better faster. Oh boy!

      Crazy Ass Cat Weeks are the best! (Not. heh)

  3. So THAT’S why my cats have been misbehaving towards each other this week! I had no idea.

    The temp has dropped here, which cracks me up because our normally outside cat, decided she wants to be an indoor cat ! Evidently she doesn’t appreciate the temp drop!

    • Yes, cats go nuts when it’s a full moon. Especially if you have an alpha cat. Oh my. It wreaks havoc on their feline hormones.

      It cooled off last week here, but now it’s all HOT again during the day and (thankfully) cool at night. Funny about your kitty. I laughed at that.

  4. aw, i hope you feel better. sorry you got sick. i hate being sick. 😦

    the weather has been super duper weird, huh? looks like june gloom all over again!


    • Being sick sucks donkey balls. heh

      Yeah, June Gloom and September heat. Very strange weather. It’s like we’re living in Nebraska or something. Wait 10 minutes and the weather will change, they say…

  5. PY

    The reset button, i.e. the weekend, is here. Have a restful and loving time.

  6. I will never understand people who bring their illness and “germs” to work. There sho8ld be a law….! I mean it. Three really should be.

    We didn’t have the Thunder and Lightening and Rain here—but certainly was aware of all the Flash Flood Warnings—Glad you both survived al that with no after effects.

    I did notice Sweetie was not his usual self during the Full Moon….Strange how that effects Animals, isn’t it, and yet, it makes sense—It effects us, too!

    Hope you are having a good weekend, my dear…..!

    • There SHOULD be a law. I was so irritated with her. I mean, if you KNOW you’re not feeling well, then GO HOME! Sheez. Plus, she was annoying in other ways, too, but the sick is one thing I have no patience for.

      The full moon, yes, it certainly does seem to manifest itself in animals in a very dramatic way.

      The weekend went way too fast.

  7. Auditors are jerks to begin with, believe me, I know, I am one. But we’re even worse when we’re sick. I had to audit a client once while I was sick. Like being an auditor wasn’t enough of a reason for them to hate me….I was going around touching their computers, going through their files, shaking their hands…..I was surprised they didn’t come at me with pitchforks! Had to be done, though, it was my job. 😦

    I don’t think I’ll ever understand the concept of spending money to save money, someone will have to bonk me in the head with it one day. But I did see that deal at Whole Foods and if I had lived near one, I would’ve totally gotten it.

    Here’s hoping your reset button gives you a week of wonderful!

    • Aww, well, these auditors come in every quarter and audit records. The cubes they have are known as “the auditor’s cubes.” I have no issue with them doing their job (except when they hum, talk to themselves, turn their cell phone ringers to top volume and drum their fingers when their computer takes too long), but bringing the sick in with them? Not tolerable.

      The spending money to save money is only acceptable to me when it’s something I would be buying anyway, ya know?

  8. Hope you’re feeling better! Perhaps you to keep the cats in separate rooms or something during the full moon. Or maybe get some little cat straight jackets or something. Toss in a little Hannibal Lector mask and a dolly and now you might have a solution to the monthly cat madness.

    • Feeling a bit better, just tired, but that should go away given that I now have a week of rest on my agenda. Oy.

      We don’t let the cats upstairs — and definitely close the doors when we sleep, but the ruckus they make is VERY loud down there. It sounds like they’re dying… and the one cat (Slasher) has no front claws to defend himself with. So there’s a lot of Tony getting up with the squirt bottle or yelling. What a party we have!

  9. Tony

    Poor Slasher, Tug will always hate him. Love you sweetie, NANANANA