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Love & Loathe — 07/01/10


* Procrastination or laziness. Not sure which. I have a post written summarizing the remaining birthday parties for June that we attended. But I need to add pictures and that takes extra time. So it’s easier for me to gripe about the extra time it takes than to actually take the time to do it. How’s that for a politician’s way of saying I need to do something but haven’t?

* Moths. I have one flying around and bonking itself on my monitor right now. I don’t want to smoosh it, because moths are messy when you kill them. Stupid moths. Stop flying to the light!


* This week has been infinitely easier on me as far as work hours go. And, so far, the bond forged between the people who participated in the long hours last week has held. I really love that.

* Red grapes. My favorite. I just don’t understand you people who prefer green grapes. I mean, green grapes are alright if red grapes aren’t around. But red grapes? They’re sweet, they’re red — almost purple. And grapes are supposed to be purpleish.

* Getting into the pool after a particularly warm day. In fact, I start anticipating my end-of-day swim around 2 in the afternoon. Go ahead. Text me some afternoon and ask me what I’m thinking about… chances are, my response will be “swimming!”

* I fixed my irrigation timer and cleaned up/refreshed the plants in my back yard last weekend. I love my pretty plants.

One Last Thing:

I find it interesting that the number one search that lands people on my blog is “no poo story.” This refers to the fact that I no longer use shampoo to clean my hair, not that I never poo anymore. The former is true, the latter is untrue.

It’s fascinating to me, because people are either interested in going no poo, or are at least interested in finding out more about it. Of course, I think everyone should go no poo just because I love it so much.

I’d show you a picture of my freshly washed, no poo hair, but… well, you know, pictures take extra time and I need my beauty sleep.



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