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Love & Loathe — 07/29/10


* I’m out of my “family size” hot chocolate and can’t find this size can anywhere now. Have I mentioned lately how much I loathe it when a company discontinues products that I’m not done with yet? Who says change is a good thing?


* Going to the grocery store with my man. It’s not that I mind going to the store by myself, but if I do I find myself wanting to hurry to get home to see him. With him there, there’s no sense of urgency and I have my favorite person by my side.

* I’ve spent so much time doing stuff to my plants in my little back yard that I can now go out there and sit, look around, and not see a single thing that needs to be tended. Everything is as it should be — for now. If you’re a gardener, you know how unbelievable that is.

* Our parallel lives neighbors, the ones with whom we share a common wall & a wedding anniversary date. They are the sweetest people on the planet and I’m so grateful that since we have to share a common wall, it is with them. Plus, they give us mini desserts.

* Summer fruits… watermelon, blueberries, cherries, apricots, peaches, figs, nectarines! I’m absolutely loving this season. Although, my colon is having some… issues? We went to the mountains last weekend and Tony came to bed after I’d fallen asleep. The next morning he said he had trouble falling asleep for all the ruckus! HA HA HA!! What? It’s funny!! Best of all, I couldn’t be held accountable because I was sleeping and, therefore, innocent! hehehe

* Zucchini flowers. Yes, I have my own zucchini plant. It’s growing in a container in my back yard. Not sure how well it’s going to produce, but I’m enjoying the heck out of its pretty flowers.

* I’ve slowly, but surely, started moving my “fun” folders and decorative items into my cubicle at work. I figure I’ve got about a year left… oh, what? Didn’t I mention? They’re moving in a year. We all know what happens when companies I work for move, right?

One Last Thing:

Last night, Tony and I were driving through a residential area when the car in front of us put on his blinker and proceeded to slow to nearly a stop. At the very last moment, the car turned into a very nearly unseen, narrow driveway which ended in a garage door which was framed heavily by trees. I assumed there was a garage around the garage door, but the trees were so dense I really couldn’t tell and one shouldn’t make assumptions, you know.

In a droll voice, as Tony slowly accelerated, he proclaimed, “No margin for error with that one.” I nodded my agreement.

Then tonight I came across this video. Allow me to don my droll voice and state, “Truly, there is no margin for error with THAT one.”


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