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Love & Loathe — 07/22/2010


* Typos, misspellings or grammatical errors in my own posts. Argh! I have a good excuse, which is that I usually write my posts around midnight, when I should be in bed, sleeping.

* The heat. I mean, I love being warm but… yeah, so much for that cool summer I was wishing for a couple weeks ago.

* We lost 3 guppies this past weekend because of the heat. Poor little guppies just got too hot.


* My life today. Must be all these anniversaries that have been celebrated recently, but I realized to my shock, that if I’d stayed married to my ex-hole, it would have been 21 years yesterday. I cannot even begin to articulate how thankful, grateful and blessed I am for where and who I am today vs. where/who I would be if I hadn’t changed my world 8 years ago. God is so good, and I don’t say that lightly.

* Zucchini. I know, I’m teasing you about the large zucchini I was given and not posting pictures. Just you wait… the anticipation will be worth it.

* Nail files. Can you imagine life without nail files or nail clippers? What would you do about a hang nail?

One Last Thing:

At one of the birthday parties we recently attended, Tony was allowing the kids to beat him up and I was watching. Sometimes it’s best just to watch. And record a video for posterity, of course.

Anyway, so the kids were beating him up, his antics were actually drawing kids away from other parties at the park. I was watching, and the nearest thing to sit on was the wooden fence. So, that’s what I sat on, and then Tony took my picture.

After a bit of time passed, I looked at the picture and realized with some embarrassment that I was all slouched and I could hear my grandma admonishing me in my mind to “sit up straight!” GAH! I admit it. I’m a total sloucher. I hunch over when I’m not thinking about it. Obviously I wasn’t thinking about it. Since I’m confessing, I also, apparently, hear voices in my head.

We’ll just call this series the “Before” and “After” John Robert Powers Modeling school training, shall we?


After (remove the pink cup & backpack):

You, too, can have picture perfect posture and sit uncomfortably on a wooden fence, remembering to suck your gut in and keep your arms away from your rib cage, all while smiling and pretending as if it were the most natural and comfortable thing in the world… if you go to modeling school!


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