One More Day.

We tried to send my mom home this morning. We really did. We took her to the airport and everything. Normally, we just dump people at the curb, you know? Why go through all that heart wrenching goodbye stuff. For some reason, we decided to break from the norm and park the car and wait in the check-in line with her.

Thanks to the east coast folks who are hoarding all the planes due to the weather (How can it be so cold there, when it was 84Β°F here today?), our airport was short on planes, and her flight was canceled as a result.

We could have driven her to LAX, but that would have put her at her ultimate destination late at night, with luggage, to be greeted by snow and public transportation.

So, she’s staying another night. We’ll try again tomorrow morning, and the next morning, and the next morning, until we’re successful. Or Tony will, I’m not getting up that early. HA!

One of the fun things we did a couple days ago was a drive-about. I always enjoy driving out in the hills and canyons near my home. Those are the types of roads for which my little car was built! This time of year especially, the fun driving part is enhanced because it’s all green and Ireland-looking back there.


This picture wasn’t on our drive-about, it was later that evening. My cat, Tug, took over my mom’s lap. Totally cracked me up, because my cat is just about as big as my mom.

I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day… I scored a ton of chocolate, and chocolate is always good. Unrelated to that (even though it’s in the same paragraph), half of my throat feels weird and swollen. I hope I’m not getting sick…



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  1. grrrace

    Good luck getting your mom to her final destination…

    I hope you’re not getting sick either!!!

    We drove up to Lake Arrowhead today. I couldn’t believe how fast the snow was melting and how beautiful and green everything was… What a lovely day. πŸ™‚

    • I think she made it on her international flight. Or, at least I didn’t hear from her again after she called me from SFO, which is where she was supposed to get on her international flight. 😳

      Maybe it was an allergic reaction to something, I had a little congestion this morning, but everything seems normal now. Weird throat swelling thing. *dismissive annoyed face*

      Wow, sounds like you had an adventure in Lake Arrowhead. Was it crowded up there?

  2. tony

    Bye mommy, We miss you already. We will see you again soon, hehehe, yes sweetie did get a lto of chocolate. Love you sweetie,

  3. Don’t you just love living in a beautiful part of the world?! πŸ™‚

    Glad you scored on chocolate for Valentine’s. I made V-Day cookies for my husband, who got home from Miami that day to tell me he’s going on a diet. Oh, if only he had brought me chocolate! I wouldn’t have had to share, or anything! Oh, well, I got to eat a lot of frosted sugar cookies instead. πŸ™‚

    • I love some things about California, the scenery being one of them. BUT, there’s a lot I don’t love about it, and most of them are $$ related.

      Hmmm, frosted sugar cookies are good, too… you wanna bring me some? I’ll trade you some chocolate. πŸ˜›

  4. So glad y’all had a nice visit : ) Love the drive about pics!!

  5. How can it be so warm out there when it’s 32 degrees here?

    Looks like the Lord wanted you to spend more time with your mom. Enjoy!

  6. I hope you are not getting sick, too…!
    I think it is amazing how your Mom’s visit has been stretched out by weather conditions so far away…..More time for you all to be together…And that is wonderful…! Like you, I too love to drive around into the Hills…Aren’t we lucky Jammie? We live in a true Paradise….!

    • That was the weirdest sick ever… just an evening with a half sore throat, the next morning a tiny bit of congestion and now I’m fine. Weird. Must be all that water I drink every day, and vitamins, too, I guess. *shakes head*

      I really enjoyed my mom this visit. I don’t know if it’s my age, that I appreciate her more now that I realize how precious life is?

      Drive-abouts are great ways to get out of the house, especially in all this gorgeousness that’s going on this week! πŸ™‚

  7. charmed

    I just had a true scare.

    I clicked on your link and it came back that your site was no longer available……


    you are still here.


  8. awwww, how great that God gave you guys some more hours together … mom’s are a haven, aren’t they? :o)

  9. grrrace

    So, did your mom make it?

    Wasn’t too bad at all up there. πŸ™‚

    • Yep, she made it home safe and sound and is now telling me that she’s a cold zombie. (There’s snow and her days are all mixed up.) hehe

      Huh, glad it was a good time for you in the mountains. πŸ™‚