Forever Day.

Wow, is it STILL February 1st? Really? Because it feels to me like this day should have ended about four hours ago. In a good way, I mean, because I packed so much into it.

We went up to the mountains again this weekend, it was a much more normal and relaxing adventure this time… less driving since all the roads were open, and thus, much more relaxing.

We came back a little early yesterday to take Tony’s parents to the airport. I have to say, with all the visits to airports in the month of January, this airport thing is starting to feel like a regular mode of transportation. Last night, as mentioned, we took the husband’s parents to the airport, and then today, I was back at another airport picking my mom up, can you say “parent switcharoo?” The best part is, after all the adventures we each have had, we have new stories to tell each other!

Between that, and driving to two different stores to replenish my raw milk supply (Monday is the day they get their stock), and a swim at the gym, I still managed to cook up a 16 pound turkey for dinner, along with mashed potatoes, corn, and cranberry sauce. I figured that would be a good homecoming dinner for my mom.

We’ve been joking that by the time she gets back to her home in Korea, she’ll be too big for her britches… for some reason, that thought makes me very happy.



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10 responses to “Forever Day.

  1. tony

    That was great turkey, you did good sweetie. Love you XXOXOXOXO

  2. grrrace

    holiday dinner! 🙂

    happy groundhog day! hehe.


  3. Tell your Mom “hi” for me. I hope she’s having a great trip. And, I’m sure the turkey was a treat considering her diet is usually broccoli, rice and fish. Hugs to you.

  4. Aren’t you the busy one! Enjoy all of this family time!

  5. Wait a minute – you’re only supposed to do turkey for Thanksgiving. What kind of American are you?