Love & Loathe — 11/03/09


* Tater tots. Such a simple pleasure.

* My pumpkin cookies. With chocolate chips. I made some with raisins for Tony, but chocolate chips are the best.

* Pomegranates. Preferably without worms in them. *shudder*

* I got an extra day before they turned the heat off in the community pool. I’ll take that as an unexpected birthday gift.

* Halloween sales. Yes, I got my Halloween tree at Hallmark. *grin*

* Disneyland on my birthday. They give you a pin to wear, and when Disneyland employees see it, it’s their cue to say “Happy Birthday” … I received 19 Happy Birthday wishes in about 2 hours. Love it.

* Having a novel reading day just because I feel like it.

* Family & friends. I simply love them. I love that they took it upon themselves to make a fuss over my birthday.

* We’re going to the mountains this weekend. I love the mountains.


* Ummm, huh. Not coming up with anything for this week.

One Last Thing:

Last week I made shredded beef burritos for dinner. Since I was clearing out the meat in the freezer, and I wasn’t sure how long the beef I was using had been in there, I tossed the beef in the crockpot and used one of those slow cooker liners that I love so much for making clean-up easy.

A few hours into the slow cooking process, to my surprise given how well-sealed my crockpot is, I heard it sizzling over there and thought I should go check it out. The heat and pressure had apparently created a suction effect, which had caused the liner to puff up and actually lift the 3 pounds of beef on a cloud of hot air.

What a cool science thing!



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12 responses to “Love & Loathe — 11/03/09

  1. Caryl

    I went swimming Tues at the huge indoor pool 40 min walk, but I took the bus. Wore lots of clothes ’cause of very cold weather that has swept in this week. Just as I figured, few people were at the pool because of the cold weather. I almost had my own double-wide, lane. πŸ™‚
    Love you,

    • I love it when the weather affects people’s desire to swim. Doesn’t happen too much here, but I love it when it does. I mean, what do I care what the weather is like? The pool is warm, regardless of what the weather’s doing… especially in an indoor pool. But *sshhhhh* don’t tell THEM that.

      Glad you had a good swim!

  2. tony

    I can’t wait to go to the mountains too and relax…and do nothing but fun things if we do. XXXOXOXOXO
    love you

  3. grrrace

    good lord, i love tater tots, too. πŸ˜€

    glad you have no loathes πŸ™‚


  4. Happy Birthday! Glad you enjoyed it.

    I love tater tots as well but don’t eat them any longer. Too many carbs. Enjoy the weekend in the mountains!

  5. daydreambetty

    Love that you had no loathes! That’s gotta be a first, eh?

    Have you thought about making pumpkin cookies with cranberries? My coworker made some and oh my goodness, I had to ask for a private moment alone in my office. πŸ˜‰

    • If you come and visit me, I will make you pumpkin cookies with cranberries. Maybe some chocolate chips, too. AND I’ll dim the lights while you eat them. πŸ˜›

  6. grrrace

    is it possible to overuse “idiot drivers?” because i think i loathe them EVERY DAY. hehe.

    • … well, technically, no, “idiot drivers” can’t be overused, but it might be tiresome if it’s on the list ALL THE TIME right? I mean, I felt guilty using 09/__/09 as a “love” for the month of September.