Love & Loathe – 09/08/09


* How all dates this month are bookended with “09”. Yep, I’m a dork that way.
* That my morning commute right now involves feline obstacles instead of vehicular ones.
* Not having to listen to squeaky doors all day.
* Not having to listen to heels banging on chair bases all day.
* 45 minute swims every morning.
* My husband who, because he works less than 5 minutes from our house, was bringing me food treats & short visits during the day last week,
* My tuberose’s bloom shoot popped open last week. Good heavens, but it smells so good. This little bloom right here scents the air in a 10′ radius.

* Wearing my Hawaiian dresses. They were too casual for the office, but not too casual for my “office” now!
* Loreal’s Hip eye liners. I’ve mentioned these before… but, wow, they stood up to the torrent of tears this past week like a champ! Plus, they’ve started making a true thin pencil type of eye liner, and not just an eye crayon.
* Broken Week truly is over and it really is Recovery Week. We started it off right with a tour of Warner Bros. studios yesterday (pictures) — 110 acres of Hollywood goodness.
* Feeling free.
* Fried okra.
* Pears.


* Feeling disorganized and uprooted.
* Missing my work friends.
* Job searching. It’s exhausting, even if it’s all done electronically these days.
* Seeing headlines like this and being just a teensy bit skeered.

* Being treated to a display of “how NOT to terminate someone” by the H.R. woman. Terminations are ordinarily undignified, however, I found myself wondering if she was trained on how to make them humiliating, or if she comes by it naturally.
* Missing out on all the free food from company vendors… and with the holidays coming up, all the boxes and boxes of free candy. *sad sigh*

One Last Thing:
I saw this in a catalog ad the other day and just started laughing while imagining what videos we would get from our cats. A whole lotta sleeping, I’m thinking.



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5 responses to “Love & Loathe – 09/08/09

  1. Yes, a cat’s-eye view would most likely be the inside of a cat’s eye.

    Glad to hear you’re in Recovery Week. Don’t let the news headlines get you down. I hope you’re able to find something you like soon. In the meantime … keep enjoying your time at home!

    Cats sure do a whole lotta sleeping, don’t they?
    Recovery Week is a good week. I’m definitely enjoying my time. It goes by so fast…

    ~Jammie J.

  2. grrrace

    I love that it’s bookended with 09, also! πŸ˜€ hehehe.

    Sounds like you’re feeling a little better. πŸ™‚

    Good luck finding a job… xoxox

    Ohhh, so we’re dorks together with our “09” thing. hehe We were meant for each other!

    ~Jammie J.

  3. I hope a wonderful job comes along very soon, my dear..And that till it does you enjoy your ‘at home’ time….I love that Tony brings you little surprise goodies….! He sure is a Prnce of a fellow!

    That Camera thingy is a riot! LOL. One wonders what kind of pictures Sweetie would get…lol! There would be a loy of stillness with all the sleeping cats do……HA!

    Tony is good for me. πŸ™‚

    I know, right? Cats sleep like 20 hours a day, go to the bathroom for 1 and eat for 3 hours. Hehehe Now that I’ve broken it down, I’m wondering if we really want to see them going in their litterbox… hmmmm.

    ~Jammie J.

  4. tony

    It will all be ok, love you sweetie pie, I get to see my new office today, and maybe next monday I will finally be working harder and opening accounts for our new firm. Love you sweetie pie, :mrgreen:

    You need to bring home the bacon, man! hehe

    ~Jammie J.

  5. Lillie

    I wish you the best of luck. I know you will find a great job! Times sure are tough. You have a great support system and that is something not everyone has. Look to the positive. Love ya!

    So good to have you check in… thanks for the encouragement. πŸ™‚

    ~Jammie J.