It’s been 2 weeks since Facebook disabled me…

14 days since you saw me there… or something like that. Facebook disabled my account. No warning. They say they need an Identification. Which I provided to them. Once, twice, thrice… more than that, actually. Multiple IDs, multiple times. All of them rejected.

I’ve read their criteria completely and followed their instructions precisely.  I’m stuck in automated system hell.  Submit ID, receive acknowledgment screen, receive rejection email (none of them are all that well worded, by the way), rinse, repeat.  I even used Facebook’s chat feature, and they refer me back to the FAQs.  Not helpful at all.

If I was trying to be anonymous, that cover is blown by now. None of my IDs are good enough for them. I mean, I can travel the world with one of the IDs, I can get into theme parks, check out books from the library and drive a car.

But I cannot login to Facebook.

I supposedly have 17 more days to find some sort of ID that will be accepted by their automated system. But realistically, I think the 15 years of my life I’ve memorialized on Facebook is gone.

I didn’t lose any pictures, but those little stories… the one or two liners that made me laugh that I posted on the fly? Those things… gone. All the interactions with my friends… gone.  A lot of my friends and family use Facebook, but not any other social media platform, which is also a bummer.

Moral of the story: Don’t be lazy like me. If your memories mean anything to you, back your posts up. If your friend list and their contact information is important to you, back that up, too.  Facebook can, and will, yank your stuff right out from under you with no recourse.


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