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Sea World Orlando

A day of rollercoasters and orcas and cute sea lions. We ❤️ Sea World Orlando.


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Captain Bluebeard 🤣

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Legoland Florida!

Today is all about Legoland Florida. We are so excited to be here – our first time. Our last visit to Legoland California was 3 years ago, in December of 2019. Lego Discovery Centers are fun, but definitely not the same league of a Legoland.

This park feels newer than Legoland California (opened in 1999), and when we visited the history center, I realized why! This park is just as old as our son! Completed in October 2011, it’s 11 years old!

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We traveled last night to Tampa. Excited to be here again!

Today we spent some time with my brother and then headed over to a movie set and the Child was an extra in a movie. Basically, he got to pretend to trick-or-treat in January.

We’re headed to Orlando now.

(I’m resurrecting my blog because Facebook decided to arbitrarily disable my account with them, with no warning. Probably should never have relied on a company who, in my opinion, has gotten way too big for their britches.)

He always touches the ❤️ before boarding the plane!
All the actors and actresses!
Truck-or-treating on the set in January!

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Happy New Year!

Hey! Happy New Year! Once a year you get to hear my kid shout this at you. Don’t worry… if you are in outer space, you can still hear him!

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