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Glorious Vine

Two years ago the freeze took this plant down to a tiny stick. It gradually grew as tall as it was before. I wondered if the freeze we had this year would do the same thing. I walked by it this morning and said, “Whoa. Wow.” Guess it answered my unspoken question. It’s pretty glorious.


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Target truck

Y’all, I was cracking up at the Target truck…

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Monster trucks!!

It was a great day yesterday to be outside in the sunshine! It was even better that we were outside in this amazing weather for an incredible 2Xtreme Monster Truck show!

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I might be obsessed with this cat. ❤️ sweet Figaro.

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Fish fry

Last fish fry of the Lenten season… the BBC church only does the meal every other week. I can’t believe we’re already this close to Easter!

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Sunset and farm

We visited the farm at lunch, and had our weekly Prestonwood sunset.

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St. Patrick’s!

We did St. Patrick’s at home this year. We haven’t found anything that even comes close to what the Husband’s church in California used to sponsor. Good, clean family fun with amazing food and Irish dancers. Someday we’ll go back to that church just for that event!

In the meantime, steaming potatoes, carrots and cabbage and crock pot cooking the corned beef is the way. I start them all out together in the crockpot for the tasty seasoning, and then split them about halfway through. otherwise, the potatoes and veggies get overdone.

The husband contributed cupcakes. we all wore our green. The child put on an Irish themed puppet show.

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Time for some Shazam!

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Roadster burger

We had to go back to Ford’s Garage last weekend. I needed to get their Cali Roadster burger. Honestly, that might be my go to order there from now on… along with that silly kid who wants to make me laugh all the time.

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Chick-Fil-A Photo Booth

Found this gem from last weekend’s monster jam show. The Child wedged his way into the photo booth… ha!

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