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Little Red Car update

Little Red Car update: I called the shop I use for Specialty work and learned they closed down the mechanic part of their shop last year during the pandemic. They only sell after market parts now. He was kind enough to brainstorm over the phone with me, and he thought that I should start with cleaning my mass airflow sensor and change the air filter. So, that is what we did. I’ve been driving the car around close to home and so far it’s acting like it didn’t act like a dramatic 2 year old throwing a tantrum after bedtime. There are a couple other small parts that should be changed out as preventative maintenance, so I ordered them off of Amazon. Three of them came today, and I went to get them from the front door step, but they weren’t there. We checked the security camera and no one other than the delivery person had been out front. It’s windy here, so we walked the block thinking it might have blown next door. All to no avail, the package had vanished. My mom came in from swimming in the back yard and the package had blown OVER our house into the backyard. The Husband found the liftoff on the security camera. 🤣. Y’all, Texas houses are big enough to reside in two zip codes… this is an amazing feat!


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Green Yellow

I learned today that I painted my nails the exact shade of a night vision glasses display case. Also, my thumb is apparently photo shy.

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Getting a jumpstart on the bluebonnet pictures …

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Disabled Social Media Accounts

In the news today. Glad I’m not alone. So I guess FB is targeting North Texans… what? They interviewed 2 north Texans. I’m a 3rd they didn’t interview. That feels pretty targeted to me!

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Hole in the Counter

The Husband has been working in the Child’s bathroom this past week to replace the faucets. When he pulled out the faucet on the southern sink, he noticed there was rust on the basin, so decided to replace the sink, too.

Last night, after getting home from my Little Red Car debacle (tow truck, driving it around with Husband trying to troubleshoot it, etc.), the Husband went in and pulled the old sink out, then carried it around the house offering it to everyone. While he was doing that, I went in the bathroom and took a picture of the giant hole.

The Husband comes in and says, “Why’d you take a picture of the hole in the counter?”

I retorted, “Doesn’t everyone want to remember their holy encounter?”

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Little Red Car

My little red car came home on a flatbed tow truck tonight. It gets another ride tomorrow to the mechanic shop.

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One day, Next day.

Three months ago, this building housed a Jack in the Box. I swear, Starbucks is taking over the world!

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Legoland Discovery

A visit to Legoland Discovery Grapevine, with lunch at Rainforest Cafe after. The Child loves the car building and racing. I love escaping to shop at Marshall’s. Heh

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Shoe Implosion.

I visited Ross Dress for Less today. It is one of my favorite stores to shop at. Not today. I walked in, strolled the store, walked back out. Didn’t buy a thing. I was OK with that.

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Movie Time!

Movie time! Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Also, they left me alone with the popcorn…

(I would share this on FB, but I am still disabled.)

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