Little Red Car update

Little Red Car update: I called the shop I use for Specialty work and learned they closed down the mechanic part of their shop last year during the pandemic. They only sell after market parts now. He was kind enough to brainstorm over the phone with me, and he thought that I should start with cleaning my mass airflow sensor and change the air filter. So, that is what we did. I’ve been driving the car around close to home and so far it’s acting like it didn’t act like a dramatic 2 year old throwing a tantrum after bedtime. There are a couple other small parts that should be changed out as preventative maintenance, so I ordered them off of Amazon. Three of them came today, and I went to get them from the front door step, but they weren’t there. We checked the security camera and no one other than the delivery person had been out front. It’s windy here, so we walked the block thinking it might have blown next door. All to no avail, the package had vanished. My mom came in from swimming in the back yard and the package had blown OVER our house into the backyard. The Husband found the liftoff on the security camera. 🤣. Y’all, Texas houses are big enough to reside in two zip codes… this is an amazing feat!


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