A Birthday, Mine.

This past weekend, on the 1st, we celebrated my 43rd birthday.   Tony, bless him, gave me the greatest gift any man can give a woman who is the mother of a toddler… the gift of a nap.  The gift of a nap when said toddler failed at taking his, by taking the toddler away and on a drive that then turned into a car nap for the toddler.

Not to be outdone by that gift, he also took me to our mountain cabin for a couple days.  Where we did our usual tour of our favorite breakfast place where I was serenaded with the Happy Birthday song by a fellow there singing, a surprise was that, I’ve never seen anyone there singing before, so that was a perk.

We also visited the candy store in town, where I bought my favorite candy there…  a dark chocolate caramel apple, a dark chocolate covered pretzel stick and a dark chocolate peanut butter cup.  Tony then bought us ice cream.  Never mind that there was smatterings of snow and ice in town, residuals of the storm that had moved through there earlier in the week.  Ice cream doesn’t need warm weather to taste good.

Then there was the birthday cheesecake and sparkly numbers atop it.  Well, more like birthday cheesecakes, and since it was my birthday, I sampled each and every one of them… and, being in a generous mood, I let Tony sample them, too.  They were delicious, indeed.


Finally, there was the moment as we drove down the mountain, our time there enjoyed immensely… and we held hands, as we drove we entered what I call our magical forest.  When it snows and the trees are heavy with it, the light sparkles it turning it to frozen diamonds.  It looks like something out of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  It was there several years ago that it was where I realized that the love Tony and I had for each other was too much, and that we needed a child to hold some of the love… and wasn’t that a good idea to start a family with?  Too much love?  And this time, as we drove, our child chattered at us from his seat in the rear seat, happy and content, smiling and singing and yelling, ” Boo!  Mommy and Daddy, boo!!”

P1160426For as much as a child’s birthdays marks the years passing like mile markers on a freeway, so does my birthday mark the passing of time of my happiness in the family we’ve made.  There is no gift in the world that I want, for I have all I could have ever dreamed… and more.

I am so very, very blessed in this, my 43rd year of life.  Happy Birthday to me.



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12 responses to “A Birthday, Mine.

  1. Chris K.

    That was a beautiful blog entry!! I can’t believe you are 43, meaning you’ve been in our lives for about 30 years, gosh it doesn’t seem that long. We are blessed to know you and wish you an amazing, over-flowing with love belated-birthday. {{HUGS}}

    • Thank you, Chris. I can’t believe we’ve known each other that long… or that I used to babysit your kids, who are now adults with families of their own. You are an amazing friend.

  2. Glad you had such a fun birthday. You deserve all of the blessings and gifts. Sometimes it’s the simple things that mean the most, like giving your wife a nap for her birthday.

  3. Tony

    Happy Birthday sweetie pie. I hope you saw the flag outside today. XXOXOXOOX

  4. Aww, I tried to leave a ‘Happy Birthday’ a few days ago. I’m not too wrapped up in my own stuff to remember yours!

  5. awww, happy birthday to you, sweet lady!!!! when I visit here, I always end up smiling – God’s blessings in your life have seemed to build & build … and the last pic of the men in your life was beautiful!!!! seems you have everything any woman could ever want!!! big (hugs)

  6. grrrace77

    didn’t get a chance to leave a reply I guess… glad your birthday was so great. 🙂 xoxo