Random Bathroomness.

A few months ago, the management company replaced the toilet paper dispensers in the restrooms here at work.  This travesty was wrought one afternoon and, had I known, I would have removed one of the keys and saved it when they were available, sticking out of the dispensers the afternoon they were installed.  Then I could have been known as the Bathroom Hero and rescued the toilet paper rolls out of there when needed.

Now we have these dispensers that are ineffective… the toilet paper breaks off (double ply, even) before you get even a couple squares off.  To be somewhat efficient, you pretty much have to start wrangling and wrestling with the thing, while it clangs and bangs in protest, the second you sit down.  In my estimation, that kind of defeats the purpose of taking a bathroom “break.”

In frustration I vented to a co-worker one day about them as we were leaving the restroom.  She nodded in understanding and commiserated that she hated them, too.  Which makes it amusing then, to me, is that sometimes the janitors leave extra rolls of toilet paper outside the stalls on top of the feminine hygiene dispenser and, inevitably, those rolls of toilet paper always end up in the stall, sitting on top of the toilet paper dispensers.  And those extra rolls of toilet paper are always used up first.

Moral of the Story:  One should always test drive toilet paper dispensers before installing them.




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4 responses to “Random Bathroomness.

  1. grrrace77

    Could this possibly be the weirdest post you’ve ever posted? hehehe.

  2. You are Soooo right! But it seems that in these days of insanity—testing them out to make sure they work right is just too logical!!!! I mean, what is wrong with people???

    There is a famous story of a BEAUTIFUL ‘State Of The Art’ Theatre being built in Philly…A Legit Theatre, for plays and Musicals, etc…”LIVE” theatre….Everything was fantastic! Except—-they forgot one very VERY important thing—-THERE WERE NO DRESSING ROOMS for The Actors!!!!!!! Luckily it was right next door to a Hotel—-a WALL was broken through and one floor of the Hotel became the Dressing Rooms.
    True Story! Now, what were these people thinking???

    • That is crazy and hilarious! Thank goodness the hotel was next door… what would they have done if that weren’t available, I wonder? Also, cool story!