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Random Bathroomness.

A few months ago, the management company replaced the toilet paper dispensers in the restrooms here at work.  This travesty was wrought one afternoon and, had I known, I would have removed one of the keys and saved it when they were available, sticking out of the dispensers the afternoon they were installed.  Then I could have been known as the Bathroom Hero and rescued the toilet paper rolls out of there when needed.

Now we have these dispensers that are ineffective… the toilet paper breaks off (double ply, even) before you get even a couple squares off.  To be somewhat efficient, you pretty much have to start wrangling and wrestling with the thing, while it clangs and bangs in protest, the second you sit down.  In my estimation, that kind of defeats the purpose of taking a bathroom “break.”

In frustration I vented to a co-worker one day about them as we were leaving the restroom.  She nodded in understanding and commiserated that she hated them, too.  Which makes it amusing then, to me, is that sometimes the janitors leave extra rolls of toilet paper outside the stalls on top of the feminine hygiene dispenser and, inevitably, those rolls of toilet paper always end up in the stall, sitting on top of the toilet paper dispensers.  And those extra rolls of toilet paper are always used up first.

Moral of the Story:  One should always test drive toilet paper dispensers before installing them.




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October Time.

This weekend we went to the local farm where they grow seasonal items (Christmas trees, pumpkins, watermelons, etc.) as well as garden variety types of plants (kale, lettuces, carrots, etc.).  They have tractor pulled wagon rides, a corn maze, a hay bale maze, a pumpkin shootin’ cannon, as well as a petting zoo (lots of goats and sheep, as well as an imu or two).  Usually it’s a dusty and dirty affair, and no matter how cold it is, it somehow always manages to feel about 10° hotter than it really is, and there’s always lots of people there and photobombs are pretty much guaranteed.  They claim all the pumpkins are organically grown on site, and there are boxes and piles of pumpkins, as well as the ones still attached to the vines.  We were there for the experience, not to buy — we grew our own pumpkin this year at Tony’s parent’s house.





Since a pumpkin farm just isn’t enough pumpkin viewing for us, Sunday evening we headed out to the Orange County Great Park to see the “pumpkin” in the sky!  They were sold out of tickets for the ride, but the carousel was there and William really, really, really liked riding on that. Unlike Tony, who turned an interesting shade of green after the first round on it.

So, William first rode the “Biggest Horsey” then the Zebra!! and then the Ostrich.  I was trying to pick the most unique of the animals to ride, and so I built up the excitement about riding the Ostrich.  The Ostrich, William!  Can you imagine!!  An Ostrich!  By the time the ride stopped, he was leaning off the Zebra and ready to go see this mystical and amazing creature, the Ostrich!  His legs were stiff with excitement, his smile wide as can be.  We got there, he took one look at it and said in a no-nonsense tone of voice, “It’s a duck.”  No amount of persuasion tactics could change his mind.





In his eyes, the thing was clearly a duck and, while he enjoyed it, he really would have rather ridden on the “Scary Cat!”  Unfortunately, we closed the carousel party, and all the animals had to go to bed, so he only got to pet the scary cat as we exited the ride.


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Letter to our 22 month old

Dear William,

On October 8, 2013, you turned 22 months old.

I’ve noticed that you’re slimming down this month, your diapers have been fitting you differently. The scale and ruler are true to my observations — you weigh 32 pounds 10 ounces. You are 37 inches tall. You wear size 3T in most everything, except footed jammies — in those you wear size 4T or 5T, depending on the brand.

On 9/28, your two year molars started claiming the landscape of your gums, starting with your lower left side (one point has come through), and your upper left side is a bump on the horizon. They must be a doozy, because you are not normally one who drools, but I’ve noticed you drooling a few times… and your cheeks turn bright red and you get a rash on your bottom.

You love to nurse and I love to nurse you. You are a very well-mannered nursling, so we’ll continue our special relationship for as long as you need. This month, you have started to request “switch sides!” You’re so sweet about it, and always request it with a smile. You love all your nursing toys that I keep downstairs in the pocket of the nursing pillow and, while nursing, you fling your hand back to request each one until they’re all out, either in your hand, on the armrest above your head, or sitting on your cheek while you nurse. It’s quite a show! You hum to me while we nurse and we’re working with glisses and holding notes, and humming duets… my heart melts every time we do that. When I nurse you to sleep at night, you request Froggy and when I finally latch you and hand you Froggy, your eyes immediately start to close. Despite what you eat or don’t eat, since you’ll always nurse, I feel reassured that you’re at least getting the nutrients you need, custom tailored to your needs.

You continue to do well with table food… some days are hit and miss, though, and you display a definite preference via specific requests for the things you want to eat. For example, this past weekend, we went to Target which is in the same shopping center as Chick-Fil-A. You recognized this (you recognize where we’re at much of the time), “I want chicken nuggets, please!” and I promised them to you, only to realize as we drove over there that it was Sunday and Chick-Fil-A is closed on Sundays. You in tears and me in desperation, we went to McDonald’s for a lame substitute… you only ate one of their chicken nuggets. Clearly McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets are inferior compared to Chick-Fil-A’s.

It is with some chagrin that I share when we were in Hawaii, we were driving to Haleakala and you started saying, “I want pancakes! Pancakes!” I realized we had driven past a Jack In The box, you father didn’t even know it was there. It was notable because YOU recognized the Jack in the Box sign and correlated that with your pancakes. Since we were all hungry, it made sense to turn around and get breakfast there and pancakes for you.


Speech development is such a funny thing to watch develop.   The other thing I’ve noticed is you will sometimes speak your own language when you’re being silly, usually it’s if you’re playing with other kids… like on the airplane when we returned from Hawaii, you were turned around “talking” to them and just saying nonsense stuff.  Yet, you’ll turn and look at me or your father and speak English clear as day to us, and then go back to your “Williamism” language, and laugh hysterically at yourself.  You do it to your friend/neighbor, Josh, too.  He says, “What?” over and over again, and the more he does that, the more you laugh about it.

Words you used to say perfectly or will say perfectly if specifically requested, you now have developed a “Williamism” version of it.  I want to write them here, because I know as you get older and grow out of them, I’ll miss them.  “Wi-are” is water.  “Balicious” is delicious. “Watermeldon” is watermelon.  “Dingbell” is doorbell.  “Kank-you” is thank you.

Since I’ve night weaned myself from nursing you, you’ve had some really good, long, uninterrupted nights of sleep. I, however, no longer sleep through the night. I still wake up and go in your room and check the temperature, adjust the windows and drapes and sit for a moment and listen to you breathe. Although, now that your two year molars are moving in, we’ve returned to nursing in the middle of the night, at your request, though. And while I’m tired, because it’s harder for me to be awakened in the middle of my sleep cycle, I recognize that this is but a short time in your life. I want you to know I will always be there for you — now, while you’re a child, and in the future, when you’re an adult — no matter what the clock reads or what anyone says.

09/14/2013 – Legoland. You recognized where we were the second we pulled into the parking lot. You really love LegoLand!
09/15/2013 – Church with your daddy. You held your Grandma H.’s hand when leaving and when she knelt to talk to you, you knelt down too.
Wednesdays are Library storytime… a different, bigger library. One that I’ve been informed by you has a “castle!”
09/21/2013 – Disneyland. You saw Mickey Mouse, Goofy, a firetruck, rode the monorail, Pirates of the Carribean, and the train.
09/28/2013 – we went to the mountain cabin for the weekend
10/05/2013 – visited Fire Station #19 Open House
10/05/2013 – we had a mom/son date at Yogurtland and then visited the newly opened PetCo



09/22/2013 – we hung out with your cousins for Huck’s birthday
10/06/2013 – Saw your cousins at their house — you were amazed at their “LegoLand” (they have lots of Legos)
Library Story Time — Monday mornings and Wednesday mornings with Grandma D., park time afterwards.
Gymnastics and Music Class — we’ve discontinued those for the time being due to budgetary limitations.


How sweet you are when you don’t want us to leave the room, you cry out, “Be right back!” One evening, I needed to go upstairs, so I asked you if you wanted to stay downstairs and play with your toys or come upstairs while I changed. You replied, “Stay downstairs, please.” And you did and continued to peacefully play with your toys. How I’ve started doing the countdown to something, like putting your toys away… you didn’t get the connection the first time I did it, “One, two…” You interrupted me with a happy, “THREE!!” and then realized that it was a trick. I felt kind of bad. How whenever you walk backwards, you say, “Beep Beep Beep Beep” because that’s what big vehicles do when they’re backing up. How whenever I pick a booger out of your nose, you say, “That’s a booger… don’t eat it!” Same thing for flowers, you say, “That’s a flower…. don’t eat it!” How you still love sniffing lotions and candles, and you accompany that with, *Sniff* “Mmmm, smell good.” Also, if I turn a fan on and you feel the breeze, you said, “That feels good!”

This past month you’ve started going up and down a stair or two without needing to hold on to anything. When facing a flight of stairs, however, you still reach for my hand or a rail.

How after we finish nursing in the morning, you tell me you wanna “Go see Daddy!” “Go see Mickey Mouse!” and then when I stand up, you tell me, “Put Froggy to bed… mommy carry me.” Then you tuck your head under my chin and we go find either Daddy or Mickey Mouse, sometimes they’re one and the same.

How obsessed you are with your Hot Wheels and you keep them all in a plastic basket. We limit you to only taking 2 when we go somewhere, otherwise you grab as many as you can fit in your hands and then you leave a sad trail of Hot Wheels that you can’t carry. This past Saturday we were headed out to Fire Station #19, and I requested that you pick a toy and let’s get going… and I walked out to the garage. You followed after a moment, and when I turned to look at you, you had a huge grin on your face and were carrying “one toy” “Got my basket?”… yep, you had the basket full of Hot Wheels. Now you haul your “basket” with you whenever we go somewhere.

How you love to hold your Hot Wheels out to your side and shake them around and then tell me that “They’re dancing!”

How you love saying “thank you” to people. You practice your gratefulness every chance you get. You love saying “thank you for… ” and you look around and take inventory of everything in your immediate vicinity.  You will tell yourself thank you, if I ask you do something, when you’ve done it you say, “Thank you!” to yourself.

Your relationship with Tuggy, our cat, is progressing nicely. You have a tendency to pat a little hard sometimes, but you love him… and you TELL him, “Love you, Tuggy!” Especially after we got back from the mountains. You also have a tendency to try and use him as a pillow, so there  you are, lying on the floor with your head resting on him.  You really miss your cats when you’re away from them. You really love all cats… we went to the pet store, and you were just beside yourself with joy at all the cats they had there.  You looked inside each cage and said, “HI CAT!”   You also love dogs. And turtles. And birds.  I’m just astounded at your gentleness with other creatures, it’s amazing!


How you adore babies. There’s a new baby in the neighborhood, Abigail is her name. You walked up to her and took her tiny little hand in your toddler hand and just looked at her. Her mom was ready to arrange a marriage right then and there.

How you love to laugh, and love to make us laugh.  You have this BIG FAKE laugh that you do, and it cracks everyone up.  One morning you were playing with a Thomas Kinkade nightlight.  You were pushing on the picture part of it, and it fell out of the frame.  Half joking, I asked in a fake-horrified voice, “Did you just break that?”  You looked at me, looked back at it and replied, “Froggy broke it!”  Skeptically, I responded, “Froggy broke it?”  You replied, “Noooo-hooo-hooooo!  MUWAHAHAAA!”

froggy broke it

In our office/guest room where Grandma D. has her computer set up. She covers it with a yellow-checkered cloth when it’s off.  You were in there playing and picked up that cloth, then looked down at it and in astonishment said, “That’s not Froggy!”  You put it back on her computer and ran into your bedroom to get Froggy and said, “This is Froggy!”

How your Grandma D. took you on a walk one day and showed you a traffic light.  Ever since then, when we’re driving along, if we come to a stop  you say, “Red light” and then when we go again, you’ll say, “Green light…  now we can go! Go Go Go!!!”

How the night of your 22 month birthday, you were playing with your “piano” that your godmother gave you. You pressed the demo key and then danced to whatever song is playing. Your father and I were being silly and we started dancing around the kitchen with each other. After watching us dance together and laughing happily at seeing us do so, you came up to me and asked me to dance. My world stood still … a sweeter moment I’ve never had, but to be asked to dance by my son. And so we danced, a rousing bouncing, twisting, silly dance full of giggles and laughter.


And how you were distracted with your DJ duties, and you would run over to check the music because you didn’t want it to end, and then come running back to me and ask me to dance again. Your bedtime loomed nearer and nearer, and I shrugged to myself, sometimes making memories is more important than bedtime.
22 months old
Love forever,



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Tis the Season

Fire in the canyon near us… Yikes.


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Decorating at Work.

All decorated for Autumn at work… I will have to do Halloween decorations mid-month since I was late getting these up.


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Test post.

He got sunglasses!


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