October Time.

This weekend we went to the local farm where they grow seasonal items (Christmas trees, pumpkins, watermelons, etc.) as well as garden variety types of plants (kale, lettuces, carrots, etc.).  They have tractor pulled wagon rides, a corn maze, a hay bale maze, a pumpkin shootin’ cannon, as well as a petting zoo (lots of goats and sheep, as well as an imu or two).  Usually it’s a dusty and dirty affair, and no matter how cold it is, it somehow always manages to feel about 10° hotter than it really is, and there’s always lots of people there and photobombs are pretty much guaranteed.  They claim all the pumpkins are organically grown on site, and there are boxes and piles of pumpkins, as well as the ones still attached to the vines.  We were there for the experience, not to buy — we grew our own pumpkin this year at Tony’s parent’s house.





Since a pumpkin farm just isn’t enough pumpkin viewing for us, Sunday evening we headed out to the Orange County Great Park to see the “pumpkin” in the sky!  They were sold out of tickets for the ride, but the carousel was there and William really, really, really liked riding on that. Unlike Tony, who turned an interesting shade of green after the first round on it.

So, William first rode the “Biggest Horsey” then the Zebra!! and then the Ostrich.  I was trying to pick the most unique of the animals to ride, and so I built up the excitement about riding the Ostrich.  The Ostrich, William!  Can you imagine!!  An Ostrich!  By the time the ride stopped, he was leaning off the Zebra and ready to go see this mystical and amazing creature, the Ostrich!  His legs were stiff with excitement, his smile wide as can be.  We got there, he took one look at it and said in a no-nonsense tone of voice, “It’s a duck.”  No amount of persuasion tactics could change his mind.





In his eyes, the thing was clearly a duck and, while he enjoyed it, he really would have rather ridden on the “Scary Cat!”  Unfortunately, we closed the carousel party, and all the animals had to go to bed, so he only got to pet the scary cat as we exited the ride.



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9 responses to “October Time.

  1. grrrace77

    i can’t ride the carousel. i get sick on that thing. lol. i’m with tony on that. 😀

    it’s a duck!!! heheh. too cute. 🙂

  2. Tony

    I love his laugh on the horse. We had a great weekend. Love you both soooooo much. XOXOXOOOOOO. :mrgreen:

  3. Vince

    That is such a fun age. We love this time of year, especially with having a Halloween baby. Glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

  4. It has to be so thrilling to watch and share every new experience with your dear William….I did lol when you said that HE said…”IT’S A DUCK!” LOL!

    I LOVE that you grew your own Pumpkins this year! BRAVO to you all!!!

    • It’s so much fun to watch him develop his own opinions about things. 🙂 It’s an awesome experience and an awesome responsibility, to know that what we teach him is forming him. Such a great journey, parenthood! 🙂

  5. Cat

    I absolutely LOVE that group photo of the three of you! And you grew your own pumpkins! What a great idea. Wonder if I should add pumpkins to Jinx’s garden next year. Hmm… I hate buying them. I have other things to spend my money on and I won’t eat them when they are done being decorations because I don’t like pumpkin anything.