A few months ago, when I booked our trip to Hawaii, having been there several times before, I had in mind several activities I wanted to do while there, snorkeling being at the top of that list.  When in Hawaii, one should always make it a priority to snorkel.  Especially when sea turtles are a part of the aquatic scenery.  Tropical fish and sea turtles, how could snorkeling get any better?

I wasn’t sure how that priority would work out… I mean, you’re really not supposed to snorkel alone, because… uh… you know, sharks!  Also, the places you find tropical fish or sea turtles is usually around the coral, because fish like to eat!  But coral is also sharp and the ocean can sometimes be rough.  So, what to do with a toddler while both parents are out snorkeling?

Well, that challenge was resolved when my mom said she’d love to go to Hawaii with us and even offered to watch William while we went and did some stuff.  But the question remained of how to allow William to see some of the underwater scenery without snorkeling apparatus.  And then we went to LegoLand.  At LegoLand, in their waterpark, they have transparent tubes with a seat — perfect for toddlers who want to float around but not fall through into the water.  Also perfect for parents who want to take their toddler out in the clear waters of Hawaii with the hopes that he might be able to see a fish or two in their natural habitat.

So I tracked down the manufacturer and went on their website intending to order the item… except I couldn’t and I thought it a glitch of their website, but it wasn’t. The problem was, I’m not a waterpark.  Shocking, I know, given how much time I spend in the water.  I should either be a waterpark or a mermaid!


So, since I couldn’t order the tube on their website, I called them.  The representative I spoke to was so sweet and as I explained my dilemma, she interrupted me and told me that she would mail me one for free, as long as I promised to tell the world what I thought of their company.

So, here’s William at LegoLand’s waterpark enjoying his ride on their tube.


Here’s William floating in the ocean while we visited Hawaii in his very own Airhead tube.  The water was so clear and there was a fish or two that he got to see through the tube.


All of which is to say that If I were a waterpark, I would definitely buy from AirHead (or visit AirHead on Facebook).  Since Legoland already has, I think that serves as a pretty high testomonial in and of itself. If I ever want any of their products as a consumer, I wouldn’t hesitate to order from them.  Their products and customer service are top notch, and I foresee lots of floating fun for William in the future.  Thank you, AirHead, for your unexpected generosity!



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10 responses to “Airhead

  1. That is so awesome that they sent you one! And how awesome that William got to go out with you to see the fish! 🙂 Never thought I’d say something good about an Airhead, but what a great company! 🙂 hehe.

  2. Tony

    GO AIRHEAD!!!!! You helped make a trip for our son be a fun one. Thanks

  3. What a great company, particularly the customer service! So glad William was able to see the fish!

    • It was super nice of them to send it. I couldn’t find any transparent flotation devices anywhere other than them… so it was great that they sent it. 🙂

  4. Chris

    very cool!! Your trip looked like lots of fun!! And how great that your mom went so you could do some “grown up” stuff 🙂

  5. How absolutely FANTASTIC is that!!! What a generous thing for them to do and how special for your dear William….! And you are proof that where there is a “will” there is a way.!
    Brava to you and to that wonderful company!