Random Thoughts…

I bought a new camera a couple months ago.  Again.  It’s sleek and amazing looking.  I actually had to bust out the owner’s manual to figure a couple things out.  The owner’s manual is on a CD that was included with the camera, instead of a printed book.  I guess they figure if you own this camera, you’ll have a computer that has a CD player…

I think I’ve drank an ocean’s weight of water in the past 2 years.

I want to bring a can of whip cream to work for my hot chocolate.  I’ll be the envy of all my co-workers if I do that.

I had an embarrassing moment the other morning.  I got to my desk and logged in.  I looked up and standing in front of me was my friend, the dad of 9.5 month old twins.  He chit chatted for a second, looked over my shoulder at my bags, held his finger up, disappeared and reappeared holding the flange to my breastpump.  He said, “I thought that looked familiar, just wanted to make sure it was yours…”  I guess the thing had fallen out of my pump bag.  I was embarrassed for a second and then remembered that, ummm, well, a good portion of the milk I have in deep freeze is being given to him for his babies.  Then I was glad it was he who found the flange and not someone else.

Another co-worker of mine is about 18 weeks pregnant.  I saw her rubbing her just rounded belly, and her baby within, in an absentminded, comforting way the other day and I immediately missed that.  When I get nostalgic like that, I put William in my Lillebaby carrier and wear him when we’re out and rub his back and bottom while I walk through the store.  It’s my way of feeling my baby next to my heart again.

… and I just finished pumping for the preemies, so I gotta go put the milk in the deep freeze.

Hope you have a great weekend!





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4 responses to “Random Thoughts…

  1. grrrace77

    Now that Mia is almost 7 I miss it… I need a William fix.. When I’m better? Hehe

    You’re so great donating that milk. Wish I’d known about that. My milk was haagen daaz, according to my doc! Hehe. Those preemies would have loved it!

    New camera? Does William come out even cuter (as if that were possible!)? Hehe


    • Jammie J.

      Yes, absolutely! We need to get together again! hehe
      You know, I donate that milk because I’m out of freezer space in the deep freeze, and I’m scared to stop pumping because I don’t want to lose my supply for William. I’m kind of in a vicious circle, but that’s OK for now because all those little babies benefit. Serious, 3 ounces feeds 1 preemie for 24 hours. Crazy, right?
      Oh, and YES, William is even cuter with the new camera!! haha

  2. grrrace77

    Okay. I just re-read my comment here. When I said “I miss it” I meant Mia being an infant. I did not mean I miss breastfeeding. And then I followed up with needing a William fix. I sound like some kind of weirdo now. Dammit. hehe. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT, RIGHT?!

    I don’t want to call you a liar, but I’m calling shenanigans until I see more pics of William. 😀 tee hee!

    • AHHH HAHAAA! YES, I knew what you meant. You’re not a weirdo, you’re FUNNY! I’m sitting here giggling.
      I am hoarding pictures of William. My whole life can’t be about William, people find that boring! ha