Gym Humor.

I arrived at the gym last night for my swim, and as I opened the door to enter, the gal behind the desk looked up from her conversation with her co-worker and exclaimed, “I love how you always come in and have such a big smile.  It’s SO nice.”

I didn’t say anything, but answered by smiling again and laughed a little.

She said, “No, really.  I mean, so many people come in and they’re all grumpy and mad, but you always come in with a smile.  It’s nice.”

What I didn’t tell her is,  first and foremost I’m there to do something I love — swim — but more than that, I wear a ratty old Jeezus-blue bathrobe to and from the gym.  They say if you wear a bathrobe in public, you’re either incredibly rich or you’ve escaped from an insane asylum.  I know I’m not rich, so I simply hope that my smile distracts from my ridiculousness.

Apparently, it does.



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5 responses to “Gym Humor.

  1. I think wearing your ratty old robe means you are very comfortable in your own skin—and that shows that you are happy with who you are. at least, that’s what it means to me. And your smile means that, too

    • I *love* my ratty old robe. It’s such a timesaver since I don’t have to get dressed and stuff. Plus, I just don’t care what people think, not really, I’m there to workout not impress anyone. Who knew one could impress with a big smile despite a ratty robe? 😀

  2. if i were going to the gym i’d be all grumpy and mad. hehe. 😀

    • That’s because you don’t love any sort of physical activity. hehe
      Well, you used to pre-Mia, but they don’t have THAT activity at the gym. tehehehee

  3. Going to the gym during lunch allows me to escape the insane assylum that is work!

    A nice smile on a lovely lady would certainly make me forget she was wearing a bathrobe.