Daily Archives: January 29, 2013

Gym Humor.

I arrived at the gym last night for my swim, and as I opened the door to enter, the gal behind the desk looked up from her conversation with her co-worker and exclaimed, “I love how you always come in and have such a big smile.  It’s SO nice.”

I didn’t say anything, but answered by smiling again and laughed a little.

She said, “No, really.  I mean, so many people come in and they’re all grumpy and mad, but you always come in with a smile.  It’s nice.”

What I didn’t tell her is,  first and foremost I’m there to do something I love — swim — but more than that, I wear a ratty old Jeezus-blue bathrobe to and from the gym.  They say if you wear a bathrobe in public, you’re either incredibly rich or you’ve escaped from an insane asylum.  I know I’m not rich, so I simply hope that my smile distracts from my ridiculousness.

Apparently, it does.


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