Parks Aplenty

Who knew that having a kid was a good excuse to get outside on a beautiful summer day? Did I ever know that before? I’m not sure… but the weather was beautiful over the weekend, and perfect for picnics at the park.

Coincidentally, our birth class instructor held her Birth School Bash at a local park. She’s hoping to make it an annual thing, and I’m hoping that she carries through with that.  It was so neat to get together with our former classmates, as well as other families who have attended her classes.  I switched due dates with one of the moms in our class, William was due on 12/9 and her son, Alex, was due on 12/8.  She went into labor on 12/7, but Alex wasn’t born until 12/9 (ugh!).  I went into labor the morning of 12/8 and William was born just 6 hours and 43 minutes later.  We had also hired the same birth doula, so that made for an interesting couple of days for her, running on exhilaration and adrenaline vs. sleep.  So, here’s William, Alex and Ellie.

You know what else is really cool? The women from my class decided to form a working moms support group. New moms are always looking for mom groups, and so us ladies, we made our own. I love that!

We also managed to fit in a visit to the county fair, although I am somewhat disappointed this year… the two things we love to visit at the fair, the elephant rides and the ice museum are not there this year. FAIR FAIL! We managed to make do, though, so at least we can say we checked it out this year.

The next day was a reunion of sorts for Tony and some of his former high school bandmates, again at a park. A different, bigger park, but still, lots of grass and trees and sunshine.

I remember having a conversation with Tony just after we’d married.  We discussed the odd phenomenon that we had expected for things to slow down once we’d married, and have to do less driving and going places.  That’s not what happened at all, in fact, it seemed as if being together and living in the same house presented even more opportunities of going somewhere.

Now that William is in our lives, it seems as if we’re entering warp speed of things to do and places to go.  I can’t say that I dislike it, but it’s an interesting observation.  At least to me.

More pictures, here, if you’re so inclined.




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9 responses to “Parks Aplenty

  1. I am so inclined, I love your pics! Looks like William is having a blast at keeping ya’ll busy!

  2. Cat

    I was inclined! I love those photos. (and I always comment before looking up at the other comments and I see that someone else was also inclined! ha!)

  3. The funny thing about having kids is that you end up doing so many more things than you ever thought you would. Just wait until William is old enough to get involved in activities. You’ll be going ot LOTS of places then. However, most of those places are really fun so you have much to look forward to.

    • I’m looking forward to seeing what activities he wants to be in… I’m hoping something interesting to us, like basketball or swimming. But you just never know!

  4. So much fun to see more pictures of William—He is the HAPPIEST Baby, ever…and he looks so grown up…! So very sweet, my dears.