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Reading Material.

I used to be addicted to reading women’s magazines. I remember subscribing to Glamour and all manner of magazines in my early 20’s. I don’t remember what insight they gave me for life, but I remember being entertained by them. Of course, The Enquirer was always good for a laugh, and Star (I think it was?) if I wanted to read celebrity gossip with no basis on fact.

I used to have an older lady, a mom of a friend, who would give me bags and bags of magazines, everything from the slicks to the cheap paper magazines. I would devour them.

Now, and even a few years back… I just don’t read magazines anymore. Last year Tony had a credit from something or other and we had to redeem them for magazines, and I remember being annoyed that we had to do so because “those magazines just sit around being unread.” I don’t even read the headlines that sit on the rack in the grocery store. They hold no interest for me. Shocking, I know.

I can’t remember what held my interest in those things anymore. I guess it’s safe to say that is yet another area where the Internet has taken over for me… free reading and the ability to easily research or verify things.

How DO magazine businesses stay in business these days? Kind of like the phone book for me… they still drop those things on my front doorstep and I sigh in exasperation and put them in the recycle bin without even cracking it open.

Newspapers are still fun to me, there’s something so perfect about sitting down on Sunday with Tony and going through the paper together, getting the coupons out, reading the travel section and comics, and seeing what sales are going on.



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Be my neighbor?

In our community, parking is an issue. There are never enough parking spots to accommodate everyone. Everyone is supposed to park at least one car in their garage, but not all do, which results in an even greater shortage of parking spots. It has become such a problem that the Board is proposing a paid parking solution — 1st permit would be $30, 2nd one $150, and a 3rd would be $300. We have one neighbor who has 3 cars and not a one of them gets parked in his garage, so needless to say, most everyone feels he’s not very neighborly.

So last night, I got William in bed for the night, it’s been hot here, so I left his window open. Lately he’s had trouble transitioning from the first light sleep cycle into the next deeper sleep cycle, so he wakes 40 minutes after he goes to sleep, crying his head off. Tony will go in and pat his butt and rub his back, and William will go back to sleep. It takes about 10 minutes, but Tony likes to wait longer to make sure he’s really out.

And THEN last night… dun dun dunnnn… I heard a super loud car stereo. It was so loud I figured it must be in the cul-de-sac behind our townhome, because I was at my desk at the rear of our home and I could hear it clear as day with the windows shut. I think nothing more of it until I go upstairs to tell Tony that William is asleep, which I could see on the video monitor better than he could in a darkened bedroom.

I looked out the front window and saw that one of That Neighbor’s cars was parked RIGHT UNDER William’s window, in the red zone, with its door open, radio going full blast. I was stunned to realize that the stereo I heard wasn’t in the rear of house at all, it was in the front! Instead of driving two houses down to his own place, he parked illegally in front of ours! Idiot. He was out of his car digging in the trunk of one of his other cars, which was (of course) parked in guest parking in front of our home.

I went from calm to white hot livid, and I marched out there, in my pajamas and told him to move his car RIGHT NOW, that my baby is asleep in the room right above his car. He said he would, but then kept digging in his trunk. I stood there and glared at him, hands on hips, determined that I wasn’t going to move until he moved his car. His loud, radio blaring, obnoxious car.

He got the point and quit diddling around, went and turned his radio off and moved his car down to the next neighbor’s garage, still parked in the red zone, but at least not under William’s room.

Sometimes it would be easier, I think, to live in the country and just park on the lawn.

Fortunately, William didn’t wake up again, but, man! Weirdly, Tony said he couldn’t hear the stereo (not even the bass that sounded like an earthquake) over all the white noise in William’s room, which is just weird to me. But, whatever. I made my point. In my jammies.



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A Pumping Momma.

It is lunch time.  I am in a locked office, looking out the window at the trees that are blooming lavender blossoms.  Some call them blue, but I think those people are color blind.  They are clearly lavender.  The machine next to me sings its song, always the same, kerchunk kerchunk it goes.  When I run it at home, late at night, my husband always thinks it’s a small dog, and even now 6 months into this parenting gig, he will turn and ask where the dog is… never mind that we don’t have, nor ever have had a dog.

So, I sit here and stare out the window at the flowering tree.  A hummingbird darts by, pausing to taste the nectar from the blossoms.  His pause coordinates with the traffic light just beyond him turning red, which stops 8 cars to let 1 car turn left.  I wonder how many of those 8 people are just a bit resentful about that…

I drink some water and notice that my hand is blue.  Dark chocolate peanut M&Ms are my vice, and amused I think about the old advertisement that M&Ms melt in your mouth, not in your hand and, unrelated, the Smurf movie.  Then I think about my baby, for whom I do all this pumping, and marvel that he has been in our lives now for 6 months.  Every day I relive his birthday and how marvelously amazing and powerful we were together.  I think about how sweet my baby was this morning when I nursed him before I left for work and, how, unexpectedly, he fell back to sleep in my arms.

I sat there and looked at the way his cheek was lit by the dim light from the window, casting his eyes into shadows, but the tips of his long eyelashes were illuminated.  His lips were so pure and innocent, and he relaxed against me and sighed as his eyelashes fluttered and, centimeter by centimeter, his beautiful eyes closed in sleep .  Gradually, gradually, I felt his tongue slow its waving caress, finishing the last of the letdown he had initiated.  Perfectly timed, his latch relaxed and I pulled away from him and covered my breast.  I looked at him, his tongue pressed against his upper gum, still nursing in his sleepy haze. I lifted him and placed him in his crib, so peacefully he went… he reached his hands up in trust, his eyes barely open, I handed him his Froggy lovey.  He grabbed him from me and rolled to his side and sighed again, as I turned his AngelCare monitor on and quietly left his room.

For me, one of the absolute best parts of being a mom is having that kind of intimacy with him. I know that it won’t always be so, and for that reason, it is one of those things that I treasure the most.  There are times when I resent that it’s always me who puts him to bed, for there are times when I would like to eat dinner when it’s warm or any other number of things, but then I look at him in my arms and realize he will never be *this* age again and I continue…and the machine continues.


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William’s 1st Memorial Day Weekend.

(Picture heavy post.)

William and Dr. Werlin meet again. They saw each other when William was 5 days old. Now again at 5.5 months old. William’s changed some since then. Dr. Werlin has stayed pretty much the same.  Kind of like coming full circle.

William is all about faces these days. Dr. Werlin certainly has an interesting one!

For the first time over Memorial Day weekend, William initiated peek-a-boo with me. He’s played peek-a-boo before, but it’s always been initiated by me. I was surprised to say the least… to see a baby head peering over the crib rail and laughing his head off at me.

William is all about practicing his mad crawling skillz these days. He gets up on all fours and rocks and rocks like a little horsey. Then…

… he laughs hysterically when he face plants! And then, gets up and tries again.

I bought him a new ducky bathtub. He thinks ducks are really funny, and thinks their quacking is laughing and he laughs back at them. It should have been no surprise that this bathtub would be a huge hit for him!

Tony and William tried out some chairs in Big Lots!

Hey, there! Stop leaning! We all know what you’re doing, mister!

We had family over on Monday for some pool time. I’m not sure why everyone was all in one corner of the big pool, but hey… I guess we’re a close family? ha ha

We borrowed our neighbor’s bouncy house and set it up in our garage for the kids to play in. One of the adults got in there and it made the air hose sound funny, so it was decided it really was just for the kids.

Cousins hanging out on William’s play mat, watching Wall TV.

… but be careful, if you give up your spot on the play mat one of the furry intruders will take your spot.

America is truly a place where If you reach for the world with both hands, all of your dreams can come true.


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