Changes in the House.

I mentioned a few months ago that I gave my remaining beloved cichlids to Fish Whisperer.  I have moments these days when I miss them, but then I remember all the maintenance and random acts of violence they had and that niggling feeling rapidly disappears.  Also, the removal of their tank opened up a corner in our living room that is now a devoted play area for William and the removal of the two cycle tanks opened up space on our kitchen counter for William’s bottles.

We do still have the original 12 gallon tank where my cichlids originally lived.  We use that tank to cycle the water for the remaining tank of guppies that we have.  It seemed a waste to just have it sitting empty, gurgling water around, so I put some fish in it.  Fake fish, that is.  Please meet the five plastic fish that now live in our cycle tank.

Occasionally, I will walk by and say to Tony, “You know, I’m worried about these poor fish.  They’re hiding in corners and aren’t eating… it’s just not good.”  He’ll nod sympathetically and tell me he knows and understands.

So, you see, their behavior is pretty much the same as the real fish, except these fish don’t poop, don’t get sick, don’t kill each other and I don’t have to change their water or medicate them.

I think I’m really over being a fish momma.



July 25, 2012 · 9:58 am

7 responses to “Changes in the House.

  1. sidewinder

    Those kind of fish are the best kind. Really low maintenance. You also find that after becoming a parent, your pets really AREN’T your kids. They take a serious back seat and you quickly discover it’s ok.

    • I always called them kid substitutes. Now I think I need to call them kid’s entertainment. Nothing captures William’s attention as quickly as a cat walking by or the bird chirping. Also, he *loves* the guppies. Many times (before he was mobile) that was the only way he’d take a nap. Set the swing in front of the guppy tank and he would zone out watching them!

    • sidewinder

      Kid entertainment sounds about right. That would adequately describe their attitude towards the dog. Which we’d supposedly gotten to teach them responsibility. All it’s taught them is to complain about feeding, walking, or taking out the dog. But they whine if the dog doesn’t play with them when they want!

  2. Tony

    I love those fish too, they are so simple unlike the silly guppies. Love you soooo much, :mrgreen:

  3. I think it is wonderful that you still have “fish”…Plastic, or whatever! And it is so much easier to take care of them….lol!
    And, it is so much better that there are no major fights and killings…!
    Things change; Life changes; and we move on…..And there is your very dear William…! Ahhhhh, that is the best of Life!

  4. PY

    Hi Jammie, came by to say hello. Looks like your still have ‘fish’ to entertain, and yet are better role models for everyone at home. 😉

  5. grrrace77

    pets are so high maintenance! 🙂 i keep trying to convince the family that we don’t need any more pets ever. just stuffed animals. hehe.