William’s 1st Memorial Day Weekend.

(Picture heavy post.)

William and Dr. Werlin meet again. They saw each other when William was 5 days old. Now again at 5.5 months old. William’s changed some since then. Dr. Werlin has stayed pretty much the same.  Kind of like coming full circle.

William is all about faces these days. Dr. Werlin certainly has an interesting one!

For the first time over Memorial Day weekend, William initiated peek-a-boo with me. He’s played peek-a-boo before, but it’s always been initiated by me. I was surprised to say the least… to see a baby head peering over the crib rail and laughing his head off at me.

William is all about practicing his mad crawling skillz these days. He gets up on all fours and rocks and rocks like a little horsey. Then…

… he laughs hysterically when he face plants! And then, gets up and tries again.

I bought him a new ducky bathtub. He thinks ducks are really funny, and thinks their quacking is laughing and he laughs back at them. It should have been no surprise that this bathtub would be a huge hit for him!

Tony and William tried out some chairs in Big Lots!

Hey, there! Stop leaning! We all know what you’re doing, mister!

We had family over on Monday for some pool time. I’m not sure why everyone was all in one corner of the big pool, but hey… I guess we’re a close family? ha ha

We borrowed our neighbor’s bouncy house and set it up in our garage for the kids to play in. One of the adults got in there and it made the air hose sound funny, so it was decided it really was just for the kids.

Cousins hanging out on William’s play mat, watching Wall TV.

… but be careful, if you give up your spot on the play mat one of the furry intruders will take your spot.

America is truly a place where If you reach for the world with both hands, all of your dreams can come true.



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9 responses to “William’s 1st Memorial Day Weekend.

  1. You know this already, but William has the MOST adorable smile! You can tell he is such a loved baby just from his smiles!

  2. William is the most adorable and happy little baby I have ever seen….You and Tony are such good parents and he obviously is a JOY to Behold!!!

  3. grrrace77

    Awwwww! ❤ this post!

  4. grrrace77

    Also, dr. werlin looks like einstein. Hehe

  5. Chris

    LOVE that ducky tub!!! You have the most fun ever!!!

  6. Lynne

    Oh my word, in that first picture, he is a MINI ME of you, Mama!! He gets cuter and cuter and cuter with every picture. I love his infectious smile and only imagine that his giggle is pure bliss. Ya done good.

  7. what a great way to start my day – looking at sweet williams face and sunny disposition!!!! continued blessings upon blessings on you guys!!!!

  8. Tony

    What a great weekend with the family, love you all, love you sweetie and William, XOXXOXOXOX :mrgreen:

  9. How cute! I hope you’re in good shape. Once he starts walking, it’s all over. They walk only for about 3 days then they graduating to running full tilt. You’ll be chasing him everywhere!