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Reading Material.

I used to be addicted to reading women’s magazines. I remember subscribing to Glamour and all manner of magazines in my early 20’s. I don’t remember what insight they gave me for life, but I remember being entertained by them. Of course, The Enquirer was always good for a laugh, and Star (I think it was?) if I wanted to read celebrity gossip with no basis on fact.

I used to have an older lady, a mom of a friend, who would give me bags and bags of magazines, everything from the slicks to the cheap paper magazines. I would devour them.

Now, and even a few years back… I just don’t read magazines anymore. Last year Tony had a credit from something or other and we had to redeem them for magazines, and I remember being annoyed that we had to do so because “those magazines just sit around being unread.” I don’t even read the headlines that sit on the rack in the grocery store. They hold no interest for me. Shocking, I know.

I can’t remember what held my interest in those things anymore. I guess it’s safe to say that is yet another area where the Internet has taken over for me… free reading and the ability to easily research or verify things.

How DO magazine businesses stay in business these days? Kind of like the phone book for me… they still drop those things on my front doorstep and I sigh in exasperation and put them in the recycle bin without even cracking it open.

Newspapers are still fun to me, there’s something so perfect about sitting down on Sunday with Tony and going through the paper together, getting the coupons out, reading the travel section and comics, and seeing what sales are going on.


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