Change of Seasons.

In our part of the world, I know fall is coming when Halloween City posts classified ad after classified ad for seasonal help in all surrounding cities. Who knew there were so many Halloween City stores? I didn’t.

Also, my HOA sends out notification that they’ll only be heating one pool in our community until October 31st. This year it’s the “upper” pool, which is good I suppose, since that nasty marijuana smell seems to be an intermittently regular visitor at the “lower” pool. So annoying.

Wonderful spice scented candles make their appearance in the stores, along with weird Autumn figures and freaky Halloween decorations, who stand at the end of aisles and stare vacantly at you as you pass them by.

Also, the days are warm but the nights are crisp and cool. Which always makes me want to bake cookies, but not enough to turn the oven on during the day. Quite a conundrum. So I usually end up mixing up the dough and storing it in the fridge or freezer until it cools off for reals.

During my “modified swimming” this weekend, there have been monarch butterflies fluttering around the upper pool. They are so pretty and I could happily watch them flit about all day, dramatic colors and carefree wind carried whimsies.

Beautiful butterflies, beautiful weather, in the sun swims, desire to create things in my oven — simple things I’m celebrating and giving thanks for tonight.

Praying for the safe travels of those I hold close to me (my husband and mom), on separate road trips, but traveling long journeys.



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  1. It is funny you said that about “Fall” here—it certainly isn’t the weather…lol…And I was out for a ride on Friday for the first time in 3 months—AND, I saw them setting up this Halloween display on a Big Lot that has all sorts of goodies for Halloween, including a BIG HUGE Plastic Pumpkin that the little kids can actually enter…..
    Wishing your loved ones safe and sound trips, my dear….Ad HUGS to you and all the little furry ones and the ones with scales, too, with a BIG Hug, just for you, dear Jammie….

  2. I love fall as well, but we get much cooler weather here. I fired up the oven to bake bread for the first time this season. AND we even got the fireplace going for a short time. It was cold and damp. But looking forward to Halloween because I love the season and it’s my younger one’s birthday.

    Have you started decorating yet?

  3. Cat

    The last day of September was hot and humid only to wake up to rain, and single-digit temperatures on the first of October. It was weird and all weekend I wanted to make stew and cookies. I can’t do much right now because of my pain, so it’s a tough struggle between Fall Urges and what I actually can do.

    If you stopped by my blog in the last 2 days you’ll see that although I made it all festive, the desire just isn’t in me to festify my home. I hope you can decorate to your regular awesomeness and I shall just have to live vicariously through you. (This means you’ll have to post photos for me to enjoy.)

    wishing your loved ones safe travels!! and love to you!!

  4. Tony

    I missed you sweetie pie, it is fun to travel but even more fun when I am traveling with you, XXOXOXOX

  5. Coming from someone who used to live in a desert climate, having a change of season is something I truly appreciate. Especially when it’s a change into my favorite season of all. You’d love the autumn here, J. I’d take you apple picking, we could drink warm ciders and take home some pies (one for you and one for me, of course). We’d take pictures of the foliage, which never ceases to amaze me, while we hike the Appalachian Trail.

    Of course, I’m making it sound wonderful but really, a lot of folks are not all that happy in the sudden drop in temperatures up here. Like everyone, I’m not ready to put away my sandals and shorts just yet. 🙂

  6. At least you can swim outdoors for another few weeks

  7. October is the very best month in Texas. I’m glad you are enjoying it there too.
    In the future when you look back at your blog, you may wish you had posted some “maternity” pics. I keep looking for them.

  8. PY

    Prayers for you and your loved ones.

  9. Fall is my favorite season. I love just about everything about it (other than my allergies flare up!). We’ve had the windows open since coming home from the beach. I’m loving it!

  10. safe travels to all. 🙂

    the rain is definitely making it look like fall. 🙂