Living Life.

On my way home from work one day last week, my car sputtered when I took off from a start. Those dratted traffic monitor lights on the freeway on ramp only make people sit in frustration before they can get on the crowded freeway and sit in frustration longer… and I totally blamed the sputtering on that, even though I knew deep down it was something more. It did it again when I was driving home from dinner later that evening and I figured it was probably the spark plugs. I took it in the shop the next morning and the tech was able to get the check engine light to come on and pull the code: spark plugs.

So they replaced them, test drove it, and it ran like a champ… for them. Except the next morning, it sputtered again when I drove it. But I couldn’t get it to duplicate when I took the tech for a drive. Of course not. He told me to try and get the check engine light to come on so they could pull the code. Made sense, rather than chasing some random problem, to try and get a specific diagnostic code. The next day came and it got worse and worse. Stop and go traffic in a sputtering car is a hoot. I finally got the check engine light to come on — yay me! They pulled the code and it said “misfiring.” Well, duh. I could have told them that. Anyway, the saga finally ended (so far) when they replaced one of the ignition wires which was testing with high resistance. They are original equipment to the car, and I guess a car who’s nearly 10 years old does need this kind of maintenance.

Don’t you just love the car talk? Anyway, so I now have my car back, minus some $$ and time and inconveniences to my husband, his dad (we borrowed his car) and myself.

Then, another day this week, I plugged my primary external hard drive into my computer after using it somewhere else. It decided that it needed to run a check disk and, in the course of it, converted several folders to files that are now not accessible. According to what I’ve read, Microsoft just decided that they were going to be lazy and didn’t want to create an unconversion option, and I found an enormous three page step-by-step fix for it, but … really? Fortunately (if there’s a “fortunate” part of it), although it converted quite a few folders, my loss is only about three weeks worth of stuff because I back up my crap on a monthly basis.

Then, the day I left my car in the shop, we all played musical cars. My husband drove his dad’s truck to work and I drove my husband’s car. That morning I took a corner in his car at the speed I would normally take it in my car, but failed to factor in the fact that an SUV drives a bit different than a sports car. As a result, my lunch bag went tumbling top over bottom in the back seat. It wouldn’t normally be an issue, except in the mornings I put my travel mug of coffee in there for the ride so I can savor it when I get to work. I just knew it was dumping all over the inside of the bag. I grabbed it, righted it, and checked. As it turns out, the suction of the heat of the coffee had created a such a strong vacuum that it sealed that mug so tight that only a drip came out.

I thought to myself, “Well, it looks like things are turning around… a bit of luck!”

If you’re looking for it, sometimes the smallest thing or just an hour in time can make all the difference in the world.

Also, I finally used my “coupons” from the deal I bought a couple weeks ago at Whole Foods market. One of the gems I found there were a novelty grape called Holiday grapes. Good heavens, but those things are amazing. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a special food treat for yourself!



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10 responses to “Living Life.

  1. i’m totally looking for those grapes!!!

  2. Are those the little teeny tiny purple grapes? Very Very Sweet?

    I hated your week of Car Horror and Computer Horror—I think I might have just left the car on the side of the road and thrown the computer off my Balcony…..LOL! I have no patience for any of these kinds of things anymore….!!!
    Glad your car is in working order, once again, my dear.

  3. Vehicle issues can be annoying, especially when it takes a while to figure it out. Glad you got it sorted out. I need to be a little careful when driving my wife’s SUV since I drive a sedan (a sporty one, of course). But my wife has a Volvo SUV with twin turbos so it does drive more like a truck. And you can smoke the doors off of idiots at a light that think they can race you. 🙂

  4. Redfred

    Car troubles suck, My car has started “ticking”. It’s driving fine and nothing that is in my power to check is making the noise, but deep down I know it is an expensive repair waiting to ballon into a major issue.

  5. Cat

    I love the moon.

    (not eloquent, I know. But those photos made me very happy.)

  6. Michelle

    I’m so happy you updated! I was getting worried about you! I’m sorry you had to have so many problems lately. Hopefully that’s the end of them for you!

  7. Ha! I do the same thing. Whenever there is a cascade of petty annoyances, I look for a fortunate moment and insist the luck has changed. It works too. And speaking of babies, do you think your child might like a TX playmate arriving sometime in June?

  8. Sorry, you lost me on the car talk. I remember one time, when my car overheated in the middle of a blizzard, I wished that I had married a mechanic so that I never have to worry about my car. Then I realized that if I were wishing for stuff, that I should just wish for a car that never breaks down….and has that new car smell all the time. Much simpler this way. 🙂

    Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that get me by.

  9. I totally had a funny thing in response, til I read Zelda’s comment and now my mind is blank…..

  10. Nanner

    Was thinking of you today and said a prayer that you know I’m thinking of you and sending blessings and protection your way. What’s up with that comment Zelda???