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Blogabilities – Week of 08/07/2011

* It’s been two or three weeks now and I’m still a bit weirded out that we have a neighbor who opened my package, stole stuff, but “not really” because they returned the stuff they stole (Link). Which then begs the question of whether I should be insulted? Like, what I bought was good enough to steal, but then they RETURNED it to me? And… should I be thankful for that? I’m also surprised that none of you all seemed to be even remotely weirded out by that. What if it had been YOUR stuff and your neighbor?

* My strategy of bringing the alpha cat (Tug) along to the vet with his cat’s vet appointment was genius. Pure genius. It only took Tug 2 days (vs. 1 month) to accept Snug back into his good graces. If poor Snug ever has to go to the vet again, I will definitely be bringing Tug along. I’m thankful that my vet tolerated the weirdness and didn’t charge us a boarding fee for the day.
We should all have sweet nothings licked into our ear…

* This bouquet of plumeria flowers that seems to keep blooming and blooming. It greets me every time I look out the window or go into the back yard. Plumerias are the best. Plus, it brings Hawaii to the forefront of my mind and Hawaiian nostalgia is always a happy thing.
Plumeria bouquet

* I’m grateful for humor. On Monday I went over to the local mall. As I was walking in, another lady and I crossed the street at the same time as a vehicle with some dude blaring his stereo with overwhelming bass drove behind us. I looked at her, she looked at me. I said, “Doesn’t that just make you want to beg him to stop his car so you can crawl in and drive around with him?” She smirked and replied, “No.” I said, “Yeah, me neither.” We both laughed.

* We really had a fantastic time at the county fair. Minus the part where I accidentally stepped on the back of Tony’s flip-flop and broke it. But still… where else can you ride an elephant, visit an ice museum, eat food off a grill so huge that it’s pulled by a semi-truck, see the Clydesdales (my favorite horses in the world), and as the grand finale, see Bill Cosby (a performance that lasted 2 hours and 20 minutes, and he was EARLY) all in one day? And, bonus, the price of fair admission was included in the cost of the Bill Cosby tickets (which really weren’t very expensive)! I really love our county fair!

* I am so thankful that in 2006 I found an activity — lap swimming — that I love to do, that I’m healthy enough to be able to do (a few years ago I wasn’t), that I have facilities conveniently available to me (both within my community and at my gym), and of all the things in the world that I could be addicted to, somehow my addiction has turned out to be one of the best things for me. It truly is my cure all for everything and I am thankful every single day for it.

* Our city is having a “Shop & Dine Locally” event this week. A whole bunch of businesses are participating and they’re REAL discounts… like, buy one dinner, get one free or 25% off of your order type of stuff. With anything in life, there’s a counter-balance for everything, but given that we live in the city (vs. the country), all things considered, most of the time I really, really love where we live.


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