Love & Loathe – 11/04/10


* An inbox. To clarify, I love the concept of an inbox on my desk. In fact, it’s something I embraced early on in my career. But gradually it became the elephant that sat on my desk that no one wanted to acknowledge. Despite the label reading “INBOX” in 68 point font size, prominently sitting on the corner of my desk, most people refuse to use it. My desk is neat and tidy, so it’s not like their stuff will get lost in piles of paper. Instead, people put stuff on my chair, my keyboard, the corner of my desk, anywhere BUT the inbox that is labeled “inbox” in 68 size font. I’m pretty sure if it were an empty room with nothing in it but an inbox, people would STILL put the paper right beside the labeled inbox. Anyway, so now, when I come in some mornings, and the accountant person has put something on my chair instead of my inbox? I sit on it. So when she gets it back, she has something that my rear end has sat upon. That seems fair to me.

* Toilets that don’t flush properly (speaking of rear-ends). There is one of those type of toilets at work… I mean it’s a total power flusher, but it only does a half flush… so half of the previous user’s business goes away, but the other half is still there all disintegrated. If I get stuck using that toilet, for the record, I always flush it three times when I’m done. Just to be sure.

* Living a cliché. A watched pot of water never boils and a watched phone never rings. What are the chances I’d be doing two clichés at the same time tonight? So, I swept the floor instead. Suffice it to say, I have a very cleanly swept floor.


* Our Nemo. I can’t believe I haven’t told you about our Nemo before. He’s one of the first baby guppies that was born in our guppy tank. He’s outlived many of the other guppies, including his momma. He’s “special” … as you can see in the picture, his spine is bent and he swims around in a permanent seahorse-like posture, but he seems happy. We keep him isolated because the other guppies kind of pick on him and nibble off his fins — as if swimming isn’t difficult enough for him? Anyway, in isolation he is able to take as many swim breaks as he needs to stay healthy. We love our little Nemo.
Here’s Nemo…

The guppy slightly behind Nemo is a “normal” guppy, albeit a pregnant one…

* I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. *happy sigh*

* My darling husband, despite all the challenges he’s faced over the last several months, managed to make my birthday special for me. I’m not the type of person who needs grand things on special occasions, but rather just thoughtfulness and love. He fills those two needs for me rather grandly and I’m grateful to him for that.

* Pumpkin power carver. I bought this thing at Big Lots on clearance and spent about 5 minutes carving my pumpkin. Honestly, when it was all done, I felt as if I had cheated… and poor Tony slaved away carving his pumpkin for, like, twelve hours! Sorry the picture’s so dark of his pumpkin, but it’s of Darth Vader.

Tony’s forever pumpkin…

My five minute pumpkin…

One Last Thing:

This was our table’s centerpiece over the Halloween weekend. Nothing says fall to me like the Three P’s… pumpkins, persimmons and pomegranates. It’s a beautiful (delicious) thing, isn’t it?



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14 responses to “Love & Loathe – 11/04/10

  1. Caryl

    I’ve been wondering how you celebrated your birthday.
    I like Nemo!
    Pumpkin carver . . .I didn’t know. What a great idea!
    Love you,

    • I wanted a quiet birthday, so that is what we had. Dinner with Grace, Mia (and Tony, of course).
      Everyone should have a pumpkin carver. Just had to make sure it didn’t keep going when I wanted it to stop!

  2. tony

    Love you too sweetie, I am glad your birthday was good. And you forgot to share that the cat pumpkin is the one we grew ourselves…XXOXOXOXO

  3. The thought of you sitting on someone’s paperwork and giving it back makes me giggle! That’s classic!

    Maybe you should label your Inbox Outbox instead. Since people don’t want to use it as an Inbox, perhaps they’ll put stuff there instead. At a minimum, your boss will think you’re extremely efficent as your outbox is empty. Right?

    • The first time I did it, I was in a rush to log into the system and there her dratted paperwork was on my chair. Now it’s just a habit. Plus, paper is warm after you sit on it for awhile. Ha!

      I was thinking about just putting a sign on the back of my chair that says “inbox” then she might actually put it on my desk where the inbox used to be.

  4. awww, nemo is cute … i can’t get over how devoted you are to your fish – considering the cats that you own … hmmm … are you teasing the cats? or scaring the fish!!! never thought of that till just now!

    the halloween video was fun – and you are cute as ever! (hugs)

    • We love our little Nemo. He’s always so happy to see us, too! Actually, the cats aren’t really that interested in the fish… well, just one of the cats are, the others couldn’t care less. 🙂

      Awww, thanks, glad you enjoyed the silly video. 🙂

  5. tinyhands

    Nuts, I missed your birthday! I even set myself a reminder. I suck. Belated besties.

  6. grrrace

    i’m so glad that you had a wonderful bday 🙂

    nice pumpkins! we didn’t even carve one this year. oops… there’s always next year!

    nice centerpiece 😀