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Love & Loathe – 11/11/10


* We had a layoff at my company this week. I survived the cut… this time. But I feel a great deal of compassion for those who were let go, as I will never forget how scary it is to be on the other side of that door.

* Night driving on the freeway. Here I thought rush hour was bad when the sun was out. The time change added a whole new dimension to the 10 million people crammed on a freeway together at the same time.


* I pulled one of the large rocks out of my cichlid tank and replaced it with ornamental plants. The goal being to remove sharp objects from their playground so they stop hurting themselves, but still keep their established territories. Look at me, trying to outsmart the fishies.

* Slasher is going to be OK. He still has some swelling in his urinary tract, so we’re watching him closely. But he is going to be OK. Even though we had a bad experience with the first overnight vet we took him to, we found an excellent overnight care facility for the second night. And now he’s home at nights, just under observation (and med administration) during the day. Thank God for our timing in finding him. Thank God that our primary vet really knows and loves animals. We almost lost him, thank God we didn’t.
Sunday, this is the view we had of Slasher at the vet’s… just his IV’s

Being transported to night care with his bag o’ urine…

* The community pool is still being heated. At this point, I’m fairly certain this is not actually an intended blessing from my HOA. But a blessing it is to me, and I will take it.

* Thanks to Tony and one of his birthday presents to me, the addiction to reign of Pink in my car’s CD player has been taken over by Jewel’s CD, Perfectly Clear. Hooray for musical variety in my life!

One Last Thing:

The other day a co-worker walked by my desk at work and, in a tone of disbelief asked me, “Is that a pomegranate you’re snacking on?”

I responded, “Yes, they’re one of my favorite snacks. I’m so glad they’re in season right now!”

She looked at me weird and said, “Do you eat the seeds?”

I responded, “The arils? Yes. They’re good. Kind of adds a crunch.”

“Oh. I always thought they were too much work because my mom told me to never eat the seeds. She says they build up in your system and make your appendix go bad.” She took a step backward and laughed nervously as if my appendix were going to pop out and bonk her over the head.

This lady has lived 48 years, married, divorced, raised two children as a single parent, holds down a demanding job, and yet has never eaten pomegranate arils because her mom told her not to. Now THAT is an obedient daughter.

Meekly, trying not to laugh, I managed to squeak out in defense, “But… they’re just fiber…”



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