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Love & Loathe — 11/18/10


* Being tired. (Long explanation: With Slasher having been so ill, we’ve isolated him in the upstairs bathroom. His day starts early, since Tony gives him a thousand meds before he leaves for work. Maybe I exaggerate, but I had no idea one could actually give a cat that many medications at one time. Anyway, my hormones have been whacked out, so I’m not tired when I should go to bed and I’m sleeping so lightly that I hear the neighbor’s dog’s flea’s farts three houses away. Giving a cat meds at 4:30am is much louder than a flea farting. And then I’m not able to go back to sleep.)


* When companies send a survey form asking how they did. I don’t know if they will actually read my response and take measures to improve their service, but I spent time filling one out for the 1st overnight facility where we took Slasher. That place gave us such a horrible experience… maybe they’re good with the critters, but they were horrible with the humans.

* It’s one week until Thanksgiving. I’m really looking forward to getting some rest.

* I finally figured out where to park my car to get shade at work during the afternoon. I had it wired during the summer, but this winter shift messed it all up for me. It’s the little things, people.

* Buy one, get one free deals… especially when related to pomegranates.

* Baking cookies. I made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and some banana chocolate chip cookies. Both types turned out soft, moist and incredibly delicious. I predict I shall be making these cookies all winter long!

One Last Thing:

Every year when the baking bug strikes me, and I start making things with pumpkin in them, I’m always surprised by our little girl kitty. She magically appears in the kitchen, quietly watching. Then when I approach the trash can with the empty pumpkin can, she bursts into pleading meows. The first year she hovered around while we were carving our Halloween pumpkins, and swooped in every time we turned our back for the pumpkin guts. Thankfully, she doesn’t do that anymore, but I love that she now waits for the leftover pumpkin in the can.

It’s been 5 years since we discovered her love for the stuff, and she still loves it… every year.



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