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Updated: Fretting Over Slasher.

We got home this afternoon from the mountains to discover that in the 36 hours we’d been gone, one of our cats had become critically ill. I won’t go into details, as much as I want to, but suffice it to say, it wasn’t pretty.

After six hours visiting two different vets, we’re not sure if he’ll make it through the night. And if he does make it, whether his kidneys will be OK. Which, well, kidney failure is terminal… so we might have just spent all this time and money when we shouldn’t have.

But we had to give him a fighting chance. We just had to… and he’s on painkillers now, so he’s not hurting anymore, which is something we couldn’t have done for him. We know he’s “just a cat” but dammit, we love him.

But after tonight’s experience, I can’t help but feel as if veterinarian care is overpriced… especially when we learned his second doctor, the one whose staff is monitoring him tonight, her last name is Crook. It’s a terrible thing to be in a position of trying to determine if someone we love can be cured, and if he can be cured, did we take him to the right place and choose to scale back the right tests because we can’t afford it? We just don’t know. Maybe another facility would have been less expensive, but timing was critical… and we felt kind of trapped by that… and humbled.

Of course, now I’m giving all of our cats a crooked eye for any odd behaviors… (sigh) Snug just ran away from me, does that mean he’s sick? Maybe I should just take them all in for a physical?

Forgive me for rambling… any prayers or good thoughts you might want to send Slasher’s way tonight and over the next few days would be most appreciated.

I would have updated sooner, but it’s been touch and go for Slasher… but he’s home tonight. He’s on Valium and antibiotics, and he’ll go back in tomorrow for observation. But it looks like he’s going to be OK.

I’ll write details soon, when I have a chance to breathe a sigh of relief.



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