Love & Loathe — 07/08/10


* Gardening gloves and how they make my hands smell and feel. Ick.

* Making coffee and then forgetting to bring it with me to work. It only happened once recently, but I’m thankful that my coffeemaker has an auto-shut off feature.

* Brownie mixes that take 50 minutes to bake! For an 8×8 pan! Ridiculous! Brownies should only take 28-30 minutes to bake. Next time, I’ll check baking time before I buy.

* Am I the only who thinks that cigarette smoking is rising in popularity? I can’t seem to get away from it! On a 3 lane on-ramp to the freeway, I got boxed in by smokers — one in front, one behind, one on each side. It didn’t matter which way the wind blew, I was blanketed on all sides by cigarette smoke.

* The concerns Tony is carrying about his job. Please keep him in your prayers, if you would.


*Free movies at the park. There are a few places around here that do that, and I love it. Not that I go, because I don’t. But I love that they offer it, because it means “summertime” to me.

* With the exception of the gardening glove thing, I love everything about gardening. The smell of the dirt, the fragility of the plant roots, the beautiful green leaves and blossoms, and how centered it makes me feel inside. I should have been a farmer, I think.

* Dark chocolate brownies. I’d like to plant a big kiss on the cheek of whoever decided to recognize the dark chocolate lovers (me, me!!) out here.

* We’re going to San Francisco for our anniversary next month. I’m so excited, I could spit! *patooie* Bonus: I contacted our favorite hotel and they’re giving us a discount on the room. I love San Francisco and I love discounts.

* This weather. It’s been drizzling in the mornings and 65° to 70° in the afternoon. The pool doesn’t get as warm (sadly), but that just means I get the pool to myself! I’m hoping it’s gonna be a cool summer.

One Last Thing:

A long-time friend of ours asked us to be godparents to their baby daughter. We were honored by that request, and attended her baptism. It was a beautiful, touching ceremony and we were given this picture as a gift commemorating the occasion.

Forgive me, perhaps I’m a biased godmother, but isn’t our goddaughter the most adorable little girl ever? I’ve studied this picture several times since we received it, and I swear our goddaughter bears an uncanny resemblance to the baby doll I had as a child.

I’m definitely biased.



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18 responses to “Love & Loathe — 07/08/10

  1. Redfred

    love gardening, love babies… can pass on the smokers.

  2. I always keep you guys in my prayers, but doubly so.

    I like all kinds of chocolate (not that I eat it much any more) but I’ve always loved dark.

    Being that I don’t have a goddaughter, I’ll agree yours is the cutest.

    • Thanks, man, for the prayers. We appreciate them

      Dark is my favorite. Don’t much care for milk chocolate. Sometimes (like with s’mores), it’s fine, but dark … even in s’mores is delicious.

      Our goddaughter looks like a little doll. 😀

  3. What a beautiful little baby! Maybe the second most adorable little girl ever, after mine. 😉 I know you are so honored to be a godparent!

    I’ve never made dark chocolate brownies. My favorite recipe is one I make using cocoa. But I have a couple of brownie recipes I’ve been wanting to try. They call for semisweet chocolate. I’ll just substitute dark chocolate and, if they’re good, I’ll send you some. 🙂

  4. Water in our pool is up to 92 – where it will stay until October or so

    • I admit to a bit of envy at the temp of your pool, but the temps you have to deal with outside of the pool… well, I don’t envy you that!

  5. She is GORGEOUS!!!!!! Looks just like a baby doll.

    Love brownies, mushy in the middle for me.

    Your profile pic ROCKS! Gorgeous hair! Love the color!

    Praying for you and Tony both.;

    • I will have to tell you what her name is when we talk next. Her name is just as gorgeous as she is!

      I eat the brownies out of the middle, mushy all the way through is my preference! I don’t care much for the crispy sides.

      Thanks… I appreciate the compliments and prayers.

  6. py

    She is lovely and beautiful. 🙂

  7. You might as well make brownies, from scratch! In fact, they are better, anyway…lol! I never used gardening gloves—maybe you would enjoy gardening even more, without them…
    San Francisco sounds WONDERFUL! I hope you have a great great time, my dear.
    Hey…do you know they show movies outdoors at “Hollywood Forever”…I haven’t been, but evreryone I know who has, says it is a great great experience…!

    I will definitely keep Tony in my thoughts and prayers.

    • You can make brownies from scratch?? hehe, I kid. That just sounds like a lot of work!

      Gardening without gloves… I do that, too, but I have to be prepared to ruin my manicure.

      I did not know about outdoor movies at Hollywood Forever. Just the sound of it sounds wonderful. 🙂

      Thank you for the prayers… still need them.

  8. In my prayers- good job ju-ju

    Mmmm brownies.

    Love San Fran- our honeymoon spot too!

  9. grrrace

    I haven’t really seen any smokers lately. Seems that it’s been declining, but I who knows. I don’t care anymore since I quit. ;P hehe.

    I haven’t been to any free movies at the park… I just went to the free movies at Edwards, though. They have those free family movies during the summer. yay!

    The weather’s been crazy lately!!!

    I guess your goddaughter’s pretty cute. pffft. hehe ;P I’m kidding! She’s adorable. 😀 But yeah. You’re definitely biased. hehe.

    Hope everything with Tony’s job goes smoothly. 🙂

    It was good to see you yesterday. See you guys on Monday 😀


    • You don’t notice the smokers?? OMG. They’re everywhere. Everywhere. It’s awful. Maybe I notice it more because I’m in a convertible? Or people in traffic are more stressed and “need” their cigarette? Ugh.

      Heh… that little girl looks just like a doll I had when I was a kid. I swear she does. I wonder if I have a picture of me with that doll when I was a kid. I must look.

      it was awesome to see you yesterday. I can’t wait until Monday. 🙂