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Love & Loathe — 04/15/10


* How confused my hormones are these days trying to get back into the rhythm of things. (sigh) Mostly physical symptoms, thank the Lord for that, I’ll take physical discomfort over emotional havoc every single time. But the acne, bloating and other weird stuff… well, it’s tiring.

* Traffic. For the most part, I’ve made my peace with the fact that on normal days it takes double the time it should to get to work, or get home, but there are times it just tries my patience.

* We lost two fish this week. The last of our tetras died — we called the tank he lived in “the Guppy Tank with a tetra,” now we can just call it the Guppy Tank. Also, our goldfish died. This really made me sad, because he’d been around for at least three years. He was a Japanese fancy goldfish and swam kind of like an aimless bubble. He confused the heck out of me, because I’m used to observing my cichlids. The way he swam, I constantly thought he was on the verge, but he outlasted all my dire predictions.


* How excited my husband was when he found an article online about companies (like Starbucks, PF Changs, etc.) who were offering discounts or free things for tax day. He kept getting up and sharing, “Starbucks is offering free coffee if you bring your own mug!” or “PF Chang’s is offering 15% off!” We ended up having PF Chang’s for dinner, by the way.

* The Mark of the Lion series of books, written by Francine Rivers. I’ve found myself as addicted to reading these books as I was to reading the Twilight series. Which also partially explains my absence on the Internet these days.

* Dear friends like Grace. She was there to help me at the hour of 6 AM for a computer difficulty. When she asked if I was alright, I said, “Yes, but my computer isn’t!” She replied soothingly, “Honey, if your computer isn’t OK, then YOU aren’t OK.” *sniffle* So true.

* Watermelon. I bought one, even though I know they’re not yet in season. It’s not very good, but with every bite of it, I glimpse how good they will be this summer and I cannot wait!

* How busy I am at work. I can’t believe how the time just seems to fly past — in a good way. I don’t know what the future holds at this place, or even if I have a future there (since I’m a temp), but I feel so at peace being there… it just feels as if I’m in the right place for my needs, and theirs, for now. That is a nice feeling.

One Last Thing:

Random question: If you buy SmartWater, are you smarter for having bought it or dumber for having paid an exorbitant price for distilled water?


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